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  1. To tell you the truth I don't recall the size of his port. I do recall some really awesome images. Too bad he can't come back here while I'm still on. I requested removal from this forum because it no longer has a purpose for me. I finished the quest. Did not make the 10,000 but that no longer matters. I will pass the 10,000 mark by the end of this month. There are some very small, teeny tiny, microscopic, piddly little ports that bring in good money, but they are the exception that proves the rule. But there are two different subjects in your point about tiny tots. One how much money they bring in. Two, people with piddly little ports don't know much about stock because they have no facts to go by, have no frame of reference. So you get applied to both. One for great images and two for not knowing diddly about stock photography. Think I'm unfair? I don't think so. A person with a 10,000 image port or larger has so many subjects he or she knows that sell, and tons and tons more that don't. Hey, I wish you great success for 2020 and many sales. You could do fantastic if you got off the forum and started uploading, uploading, uploading. Oh, one last item. I just made minimum payout for January.
  2. I'll tell you the truth, I will take one Mihai for Rinder the Bubble gum philosopher, Brady the Snitch, Phil the forum vigilante and that nasty twit Studio 2. Can you give me a green arrow for that? Mihai made one big mistake on this forum and will never be forgiven for it. He posted facts and has a port none of these clowns can match. Give me a green arrow that as well.
  3. Now that is such a vast, unreal and dramatic improvement. I bet Brady and Phil are gnawing their hearts out with jealousy. Yeah, now you even meet the high standards set by Shutterstock of weeks past. Send it to Laurin and tell him I'm still here and still don't miss him. You get a green arrow to match the hat.
  4. Both of them are great candidates for the trash can and should have been rejected.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, the honest folks can just backtrack on the threads to see I never start the arguments. I don't even answer all attacks. Just backtrack and see. You won't believe all the good information and knowledge I've gained in the last 120 days. Really amazing. 2020 is a new beginning. For me it's still upload, upload, upload, but with a twist. No more scenics, no more flower shots except for those I find in stores and shoot with my Iphone, no more nature shots. No, I'm not going to post what I will be photographing. Why should I help a bunch of braggers who are addicted to me and can't resist attacking me? Nope. Won't do it. I'm not posting any stats. When I did instead of a few "attaboy" I got insults. Nope, no more stats. Now watch all these sick people run up the negative votes. LOL! Like does anybody care? Children acting like children. So anyway, thanks for your kind words and have a very happy and blessed New Year.
  6. And please, by all How is asking you to back up your bs posts "cheap"? You are the one that starts these posts and I simply ask you to back it up. " Interesting point Patrick. Please point out the pictures in your port that are superior and don't look like a snap shot. I must have missed it or them. " How is that a cheap shot?
  7. Well, if you LOOK (you have to take an honest look) you will see all the braggers have a crazy "Grossinger obsession". It's a fact that I never start a conversation with these unfortunates, its always the braggers who post to or about me. You are also headed in that direction.
  8. So now you have joined the band of braggers. Congratulations, you do fit right in. I'm looking forward to seeing your "see, I'm the greatest photographer ever" images. Maybe some apples with glycerine or some boobs with stretch marks. Or maybe some underwater sea cows and alligators. Gosh, I really miss old Laurin, maybe you can take his place.
  9. Nope, you made the brag about quality and I wanted to see that in your port. Now you want to accuse me of making a cheap shot just because I asked you to back up your brag? Hey buddy, you can run but you can't hide.
  10. Interesting point Patrick. Please point out the pictures in your port that are superior and don't look like a snap shot. I must have missed it or them.
  11. Update on my quest for the 10,000 image port. Right now I have 9619 images in the stills port and 476 videos 9619+476=10,095! Made it in less than one year. Now I can get on with my life. For the first time in a long while I took no pictures or videos today. Just kicked back and relaxed. Tomorrow I will take a lot of images but probably won't upload any until 2 January. From then on a new schedule starts for me, but with no commitment for anything. I'm glad I have this monkey off my back.
  12. Yeah right. Given enough time even a port with 10 images will reach the second level. Hell, with enough time even your port will move up to the second level. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote.
  13. That's because you have really low expectations. To you 10 images are a lot. To me 20 images are just right. You nagged me about this before but believe me, your approval is not sought, desired nor solicited. I don't care what you think. You are mostly loud, rude and wrong. I only care what the buyers think.
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