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  1. Yes, I've seen a lot of his images. Does beautiful work. Bosque del Apache is the goto place for bird photography because it's laid out so well you don't need a huge, expensive lens. I do most of my photography there with the Nikon 200-500mm on a D7500. Since the D7500 is a DX camera that makes the lens a 300-750 zoom. The lens is made for full frame cameras. Anyway, yeah you can get some great wildlife images at the Bosque.
  2. I just returned from my trip to do sunrise and sunset photographs of the Very Large Array in New Mexico. Success! I timed the trip to take place during rain, to give me a better chance at colorful sunsets and sunrises. I also went to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, which is pretty boring this time of year. The refuge will start filling up starting in October with thousands of birds coming down from the north for some fun in the sun. I will go back in the middle of October and then again in November, December and January. It's still as hot as the devil's breath here in El Paso, so I'm staying indoors mostly. July seems like its subscriptions month for me. Lot's of subscriptions, how many you ask? LOTS. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still selling like hot cakes at a quarter a pop. The good news is sales other than AOC are increasing. How much you ask? Quite a bit. There is a time delay for newbies. Seems like it takes about 6 months to be found by the buyers. Patiently waiting for a video or something other than a quarter a pop downloads. Remember, I don't give permission for people to comment on the contents of my port.
  3. Thanks for the tip on Merlin. I will check it out since I'm bound to photograph a bunch of ducks tomorrow.
  4. Here it is. I need an app that identifies birds from pictures. https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/black-bellied-whistling-duck There are so many different varieties of ducks that I have given up identifying long ago.
  5. That's what my quest for 10,000 images is all about. Its not about the number its self, the 10K port is about doing a variety of subjects, testing key words, subject description. Oh, yes, I am going to photograph some ducks probably tomorrow. I don't look forward to it because just about the only ducks I know are the Mallard and the tree climbing Ruddy duck so keywording will be a pain.
  6. Congratulations! No, the way microstock works, you just don't know. About 10 minutes ago I sold an Iris picture. So it's absurd for people to say this and that don't sell. They do sell. That Iris picture was so simple. I was walking past it and I had my camera with me. So I snapped a picture. Three actually. Two have sold. Nothing to brag about, but it shows you should not trust the experts and just upload.
  7. I finished today on an up note. I took about 170 floral images because every expert will tell you they don't sell. So why is my 5th highest seller a flower? Why do I sell flower images? Because I upload flower images. Is it legal to sell images on Sunday? I'm not complaining because I do sell images on Sunday. Yall take care.
  8. You know of course that this is a really poor picture. Horrible composition, lousy exposure and did your autofocus break?
  9. Hahahahahah! You nailed it. Laurin should be along shortly to entertain us with a story about his greatness. I'm really flattered that they simply can't stay away from me.
  10. Melted glacier ice is water. Why are you showing a glass with ice? And why is the focus so poor? Thanks for stopping by, I knew with your fascination of my posts, you could not stay away very long. Well, now that we have you and Phil I suppose it won't be long before Laurin also shows. Honestly, I think it's rude of you to invade this thread with a poor shot of partially melted ice. But that is you. So welcome.
  11. Today was a bear. 100F! Did not get much picture taking done. Got some cute images of kids playing in a splash park. Felt like jumping in myself. Went down to our local wetlands but the wildlife is being wild somewhere else. Tomorrow I'm heading up to the New Mexico mountains to cool off and catch some scenery. Yall take care.
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