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  1. Yeah, but maybe it's time for us to take action and change it🤔 I mean, we don't need to be here after all...
  2. As of June 1st I will be deactivating my SS accunt. I think it's time we the contributors dictated the price not the agency who clearly works only for themselves. They clearly don't work for us, neither with us. It makes no sence for me to create content which can be bought for 10 cents per image. I think it should be at least 1 $ per image. Stock photography is only my hobby, but I don't see a reason why contributors should get dimes and the agency should get 85%?? WTF!!! In my current job I get 20$/hour, so whyy should I work for 10 or 25 cents? It's time stood united and dictated the price!
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