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  1. Not sure what you mean by traitors who kiss up to SS. Please remember there are going to be a lot of contributors from developing countries who have absolutely no financial safety net whatsoever for whom 10c can be the difference between eating and not. People upload for various different reasons and it is totally unfair to insult and attack those who decide for whatever reason that uploading still fits their intentions.
  2. Indeed it seems like having grown up in years where people worked towards and celebrated having everyone as one big human family these days all the work is to put people back in isolated boxes apart from one other. You are a woman - get in that box. You are disabled - get in that one. Caucasion - that one. Everything from who you sleep with to how you worship is used to separate you and then once there are no more boxes to divide you into you are told what is being done for your "group" because that is what your "group" must want based on its "unique characteristics" without anyone stopping to ask if that is actually what you want as an autonomous self thinking individual.
  3. However the term "black skin" does appear in the keywords of some. If anyone wishes to explain why "brown skin" is unacceptable when "black skin" is acceptable I would love to hear it.
  4. I would really not be sure if that is the reason - as the link above shows it is a search term that returns lots and lots of results. I think it is a valid descriptive term and not just for certain ethnicities "the old man had tanned wrinkled leathery brown skin after many years of working outside" is found in descriptions of just about all ethinicities. If it is that term and it has been picked up by AI it is going to cause quite a few problems - old coffee gone cold with a brown skin on it, various animals with brown skin, tree bark, roast potatoes, leather, nuts - the list of things that can be described as having brown skin is quite long.
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/search/brown+skin?kw=shutterstock&c3apidt=p11180842815&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwOz6BRCgARIsAKEG4FUNJYidZO669RK7UIa0kEzMx_n9i4QqnhjOvHoG5-IhCDvffBkvxZcaAtY9EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. How do SS know that the email I have given them and the person opening and filling in that part is the person in the photograph? That is my concern. For the unscrupulous it makes it much easier for them to decide that as Jack Brown will not sign the model release they will get their mate John Smith to claim it is them and sign it instead. Yes this could have been done before but it is more difficult with signatures being witnessed - there is something about signing a piece of paper to state you witnessed someone state they were the model and sign it that feels a lot more heavy and serious than filling out an email saying a photo is of you.
  7. I had to go back and double check then but can confirm that AS have accepted images with people in that are not identifiable, and those same images have been rejected as commercial here. I must admit I too have some questions - namely what is to prevent a person not shown in the image as claiming it is them and signing the release fraudulently? OK no honest sensible photographer is going to do this but consider some of the behaviour shown regards image theft and tell me that it is not going to happen.
  8. I have decided with the the changed payment schedule and general faffing about I will only resubmit once only - if it gets rejected a second time then SS do not get the opportunity to make money from it. Despite having far fewer images on Adobe month on month earnings are comparable, and they are not rejecting images for daft reasons.
  9. Had an email about this new thing from SS. The link in it leads to https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/What-is-a-Shutterstock-digital-release?l=en_US Now I have not ever used model releases or models - cant afford to pay and my family have a habit of running and hiding - but I am wondering if this is a good thing or bad thing if I do happen to trip over someone willing to sign a release for their hand or out of focus backview? Opinions from those who use these things please
  10. The problem for me is having to pay $30 a year to leave stuff sitting at FAA - and I will be closing it not renewing it.
  11. Regards FAA they do not sell the images for you - and only really worry about things not being upsized for printing. It is no good just uploading there - you will then have to go out and advertise your images and create mailing lists and be your own promoter. To think in physical terms they own a huge big warehouse market with thousands of stalls - they provide the stall you have to provide the stock and do the selling and attract visitors to the giant warehouse to come all the way in to your little stall.
  12. The problem is not with the existing portfolio where the work is already done the issue is continuing to upload - which is going to be different for everyone, with everything from any money is better than no money to this is not acceptable. However that question does directly affect everyone however they react to it in the short term because it is going to impact the quality and availability of future uploads and even existing portfolios income depends on customers returning because of the quality of new stuff. IF SS loses signifcant customer numbers because of experienced contributors quitting and taking their product elsewhere then existing portfolios will also show declining sales. IF customers prove that they are not as interested in quality as was believed and continue to purchase what contributors consider lower quality output that would indicate some assessments of value were incorrect.
  13. How long and what effort does it take to provide 10 images and how long and what effort does it take to provide 1000? Or alternately if you only have 1 image that is downloaded how long does it take to get $3000 if you get it after 10 downloads and how long does it take to get if you get it after 1000 downloads?
  14. June - month 1 - RPD worst ever (previous it had for obvious reasons never been below 25c) July - month 2 - RPD in the top 3rd August - RPD 25c I am/was obviously still on the bottom tier. I would imagine that the higher the tier you were on previously the worst the RPD change is going to be, which means whether by intention or not SS is impacting its most experienced longest contributing photographers the most and that is probably not the way to do things.
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