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  1. Started a few weeks ago that my model releases keep getting rejected. Same release has been fine for 4 months - also all other agencies accepting the same model release. Can't get any meaningful answer out of Shutterstock "support". Just an honest question on how on earth you get model releases accepted on Shutterstock. Genuinely don't know if there is something wrong with the model release or if this is a Shutterstock problem? I upload a jpg version of it through stocksubmitter/microstockplus - same release to all agencies. Attached a sanitised version.
  2. All I'm getting at the moment is "invalid model release". Same release, same day and similar content eg "woman wearing scarf". SS rejected the release so I reuploaded the same release with a different name - accepted. Then the accepted release was rejected for a different shot for "invalid model release" Content is literally a woman wearing a scarf but one smiling, one with glasses one looking sad. SS are in my experience the most ridiculous agency to work with - getting impossible to be honest.
  3. Issues with model releases for me. Recently just get "Invalid Model Release: One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements." Been using the same model release template for 4 months and all of a sudden it's invalid. Tried rewording it - still rejected. Different days and activities same template but all rejected on Invalid model release. Tried contributor support but just get told either there is a mistake in your model release or the reviewer was mistaken. BTW same model release accepted by ALL other agencies I've uploaded it to.
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