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  1. You have a lot of videos - have you sold anything?
  2. Understand thanks for the comments on the photos tho - both need to improve
  3. Thanks Agnieszka The photos are quite old I upload via Wirestock now but can't show that port - I upload only footage direct to SS. Having said all that yes agree with you about the exposure, it was a slow realisation and even slower learning to correct. I have worked on it and invested in some better decent lighting recently. Which adds another problem of lighting decisions 😬 My best lens was a macro hence all the close ups. Got a couple of different lenses now but I think I've just got so used to close ups it's a hard habit to break. I live in an area that is not really a
  4. Hi there Probably being asked a million times but wondered if anyone could offer some criticism on my video portfolio please. Honestly I am trying to improve but perhaps some honest feedback might help know what I need to work on. Thanks ever so much in advance.
  5. I submit to as many agencies as I can don't want to put "all my eggs in one basket". Personally, for what it's worth, I wonder what if one agency went bust or drastically reduced earnings? If I only uploaded to SS my earnings this month would be around 1/4 of what I earned. I don't submit to free agencies as you're just feeding the business model and getting nothing in return - I don't understand why people do it, maybe I'm missing something.
  6. I only upload videos direct to SS mainly, my photos go through Wirestock but video is the same. Very few rejections at other agencies. I did raise review questions direct with someone at SS but didn't get any meaningful response.
  7. SS need to take it back to the algorithm shop and ask for a refund - thankfully I upload to other agencies - that's the only push back I have.
  8. Had nothing but rejections this week. I don't know the review is algorithm based or human based ??? I know we can re-upload to get them accepted but if re-uploading them works isn't this an issue with the review process and the responsibility of SS to fix rather than blaming contributors and wasting our time.
  9. Don't know if I'm allowed to post this here but you could try Wirestock - they distribute photos to a few MS sites - it does save a lot of time (they take a modest commission though).
  10. Hi Ernest (disclaimer I'm no expert or top earner) but nature is very competitive so IMO you have to have something unique such as a location, composition or concept. I like the fungi and the snail shots BTW. Is it possible to shoot yourself in the shot maybe your hand touching a leaf or using a pen knife like a "survival in the wilderness series", looking in your backpack near the stream, eating a sandwich in the woods kind of thing. I've had to invest in little props to give a shot some interest, maybe look in your garage for stuff you could use. Don't know if that helps but covering
  11. I use GH5-S, 100 iso 90% of time, 180 rule on a tripod or gimbal. I get a lot of SS rejections for noise etc - thankfully I upload to other agencies but don't get anywhere near the same rejection rate as I do with SS. Probably a dumb question but does the noise, artifacts rejections occur for loss of detail either in the highlights or the shadows? Thanks
  12. Thank you for the upbeat post - it honestly got me out of a very negative frame of mind with this stock business. I normally love doing stock in my spare time but started feeling very discouraged. Managed to get a few decent paying photo and video sales this week after I cheered up. BTW I love props and just last week got a makeshift studio going in my back room. I go to cheap £1 or $1 stores, charity shops and even got stuff people are throwing out. Thanks again
  13. Thank you LSP EM - done a little research today and hopefully will get some time to study over the weekend. Thankfully I upload to a few video agencies so SS doesn't become too important in my world - but I'm always looking to improve so codec homework for me. Thank you lets hope things get better for us all.
  14. I don't have software to export in ProRes although Cineform might do the trick - I'll have to do a bit of research on it. Codecs are definitely not my strong point 😞 Thank you for the tip - very kind.
  15. Thanks - using GH5-S IOS 100 rarely go to 200 or above. Export H264 - they have got worse past 2 weeks or so.
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