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  1. If you would give the beggar 10 cents even (s)he would be pissed. It would be not worth the effort sitting on the streets to get 10 cents. Let alone buy gear, travel and spend time uploading and keywording.
  2. My guess would be you will sell many, despite large competition in this area. Superb images. It is up to you if you will feel offended if one will sell for 10 cents, but this won't be the average RPD. 10 cents per image is of course not worth the hassle, but many of your pictures will sell more than once, sometimes for a dime, sometimes more. For me mainly SS and AS have been worth the effort, but I have a different subject (Actually, I don't have a subject...). Just curious why you would call yourself a landscape photographer in the description below your name. Now if you'll excuse me, I got hungry after seeing your port.
  3. Let me say first that the 10 cents DL's find me and hurt me as much as they hurt anybody else. Obviously, like everyone on this forum, I find my own work worth more than 10 cents, but I am biased. I also hate the lack of transparency provided and I was negative on the forum as well after 10 DL's of 10-15 cents in a row, and I understand the anger if the cut is big. However, on average it hasn't been too bad for the first 10 days for me personally. I already have had half of the downloads (61) as I have in an average other month. 3 big single sales, bringing my average RPD to 1,46. Not taking those 3 in the calculation (which would make a more realistic image) brings it down to 0,39c. These are just my numbers, and in total it has been higher than any other month so far. My average RPD overall in the other months was about 46 cents, but that was WITH all high single sales. Just a note that could give hope, although I realise it could be just 10 very lucky days for me. I was planning on staying for at least a month, now it could be longer. That being said, if it deteriorates by a lot I am gone as well.
  4. To see if it really turns out that bad as the announcement was rather unclear about how it was going to work out. Don't judge about dignity if you don't know a persons situation, especially these days. Well, actually never.
  5. I feel scammed. It is a disgrace! (Level 4, whatever that means)
  6. So, today I did a little experint, to see if contributors stopped uploading. They don't seem to do so at all, so the few of us quitting won't bother SS the least. I uploaded something from my garden that would never ever sell: a pink rose. 2 hours after it got accepted it had already sunk to the 10th (!) page! No, not place, page. I guess not so many people did a pink rose experiment, so apparently, hundreds of contributors keep on contributing like madmen. Like they don't give a thing. Shutterstock doesn't answer not only because they don't care, but because they don't have to care because apparently there are many others that don't care and upload their stuff anyway. I guess disabling our portfolio will only be for our own pride, unfortunately I don't think it won't be to change their minds.
  7. Good to hear and hopefully it will turn out for the better. 4,50 is a good price. Maybe today was an incident and I will be able to report some positive news in the future, but until now it seems atrocious. 18 downloads. 14 x 10 cent, 3 x 11 cent, and one, hold on, one DL of 12 cents! Normally 18 DL's would have been good, now it just ruins my day.
  8. Level 4 here. I don't think 1 or 4 would make any of a difference. I didn't want to get too negative and did not want to judge beforehand, but it is even worse than I thought as I thought this scenario would only be true at the start of each year. Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It doesn't mean anything with these kind of amounts. I am out.
  9. With a port of mainly travel photos, I noticed the opposite. I only sold half of what I sold in december, january or february. And that is not for example 8 per month versus 4 now.
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/nl/image-photo/mute-swan-landing-latin-name-cygnus-102742499
  11. I like your attitude, and your country. I visited it twice, but unfortunately that was in the time I was not so much focussed on photography (although I have some pictures of it on here) I love those kind of things in latin america and I like this picture. Just my opinion, but I would like to add to others that I think the white balance in your pictures is sometimes too blue in my eyes. Good luck!
  12. 243% more downloads than february 2019, going to 161 DLs. 22% more downloads than January. Second BME after January (which had one very big sale, without it this month would have been better). Unfortunately I did not add a lot of new pictures, as the weather was dull. Grey skies, no snow, stormy torrential rains. I hope this month will be better for that, as I could use some more acceleration (I just bought a new camera and lenses).
  13. To be honest, I don't think there is something wrong. Maybe not what you want to hear, but I think there are a few things at play: 1. There is a lot of competition and it is growing fast, especially in the area of your subjects. For example, looking at your pictures of lime drinks, there are 340.000 pictures of that, and to be honest, looking at the first pages of that search, I have found pictures more appealing (no offence, I don't sell my food pictures often either, it is just hard). 2. There is always some luck involved in getting sales. The buyer just has to click on your image. 0 sales seems like bad luck, I am sure it will get better. 3. You have a lot of pictures with similar subjects. Uploading 100 more will make more of a difference when subjects are really different from one another. It is not just numbers of pictures, but numbers of different stories, concepts, places etc. you have for sale. 100 new pictures doesn't tell a whole story. I have days in a row not selling any picture from (for example) Costa Rica, while I have quite a lot of them. It is compensated with other places or animals and the next moment it could be the other way around.
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