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  1. This decision really stinks and is an insult to all contributors. As from today I won't be uploading anything new to SS but instead I will be concentrating on Adobe and Alamy. SS wanted to encourage "fresh" content, but I think this will have the completely opposite effect. If fewer people are uploading to SS, that surely means LESS fresh content.
  2. I'm only a low selling amateur contributor, but my meagre income is about to be cut in half. No more uploads from me and I'll start synchronising my portfolio over the other agencies I contribute to. Thanks Shutterstock.
  3. You can use the keyword suggestion tool quite independently from any images you might have pending. Just click "Keyword tool" type your search term, click on similar images. Select your keywords or "Add All" then you can select "copy keywords" from the ... menu then you can use your external tool to add metadata. So ... it's a step FORWARD :-)
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