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  1. Actually i wouldn't be surprised if all photos of that portfolio were bought. Congrats 👍
  2. My best wishes for you to get well very soon. And stay away from both of them (buses and c) Btw. Yesterday the first case came out in Turkey 😕
  3. I totally agree with the precautions advised. My number 1 favourite country which I visit every year for last 10 years except this year ( last minute cancellation for Venice). I hope this nice country with nice people will overcome this disase soon.
  4. Isnt it interesting that this phrase took place in a book named End Of Days written at 2008 by Sylvia Brown
  5. First of all I wish my best for you to overcome this trouble And it is very well known that great efforts of China prevented the spread of the virus much more than this. Helping hand with empathy will definitely work better than blaming. Nice portfolio 👍
  6. Btw. I guess Corona will not kill me but rejection reasons of SS reviewers definitely will.
  7. it is serious and everyone has to be more careful than ordinary times. Too much panic won't help for sure but under estimating is dangerous for yourself and your environment. And it is for a period not forever. I personally, cancelled all my personal trips abroad. Make salty water mouth and nose wash periodically, don't go to crowded places like shopping malls (actually never liked those places), airports if not necessary. Thanks God my workplace postponed all international visits.
  8. if I get an image rejected for noise or similar reason, i re-process the raw file to heal that reason, wait a day and re-submit it. If I get rejection again, i just let it go. Not uploading decision for this reason won't help.
  9. I was about to fly to Venice tomorrow and today morning read all the news, fest cancellations caused by the virus alert. I cancelled all the flights reservations etc. I was so excited but now seriously sad. I hope everything turns to normal situation soon for all.
  10. I use payoneer and it took about 3 or 4 working days from SS to payoneer. And a day from payoneer to bank account.
  11. Yeah there really was nice spots for photographers to meet like Ara cafe or another place called Hayyam passage where you find old photography stuff, sit and have chat with other photographers. I don't know the current situation though. The most missed things for me about İstanbul.
  12. Most of the photographers influenced me are already written but the most inspiring one for me is Ara Güler who i had an opportunity to meet. He had a cafe in Istanbul where photographers meet and listen his stories.
  13. Hello, I began to contribute at the beginning of this year. As I see from the answers given, the main income is based to the OD and SOD's. Despite to theirs %26 of my port is SOD and OD, %74 is subs.
  14. I can see jittering which might be the reason but i watched from my mobile screen which can fool me. What is the shutter speed?
  15. I watched it several times. Very helpfull informations there. Thank you very much @Doug Jensen
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