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  1. Thanks. Sales are averaging 100 a month and revenues do keep coming each month, despite the lower levels since June 2020. My port also has more than 500 videos and they sell too, ensuring $ 35 and above revenues each month.
  2. It took me more than 2 years for 10,000 approved pics in my portfolio. How would you rate this? Slow/ ok / Normal? Whats your experience?
  3. You must shoot in RAW and process the images like any other RAW image shot on DSLR or Mirrorless. Points to take care are sharpness and Noise apart from other basics. I process my images in Lightroom + Affinity Photo.
  4. I have been here a little more than 2 years. My maximum earnings in a month have been around $ 250, just once. That was before the reduced earnings. No chance of that happening now. $ 500 is a dream. Selling pics and vids here is best for some extra cash every month. No way this can become a primary source of income.
  5. I would prefer a customer who buys 20-25 of my videos daily 😉
  6. Zoom 100% in lightroom and if the focus is blurry you will get to know.
  7. Very bad month. 67 sales and only $ 13.90 in revenues. Unless some high value sales happen, will not be able to meet the minimum $35 criteria, something that has not happened since April 2019.
  8. Great. I have had two video sales in June; $ 11.19 & $ 14.80. Sales on your scale is amazing. Waiting for my lottery
  9. I have a mix of both - the new highs and the new lows, instead of the constant $ 0.33 for each. Just when the scene looks grim with the lows, some highs come up. Still observing this roller coaster ride. Overall this looks fine. I reached my monthly minimum of $35 two days back, same as previous months, which is before 10th of each month. Regarding emails on quitting SS. No mail received, and even if received, I have no intention of quitting SS.
  10. Its about SS. I have reactivated deposit photos too. Shows a sale of $7 from some of my old pics. Got 52 pics up there recently. So far 0 views, 0 sales.
  11. I'am on 30% currently. Since the change, I have had sales for $ 0.10, 0.11, 0.14, 0.17 and 0.59. Waiting for sales from the other tiers for $ 0.49, 0.75, 0.87, 1.47, 2.75, 2.94, 20.39, 26.94 and 29.85. The probability in the higher tiers is low but still higher than video sales. These are my thoughts. All is not "Doom and Gloom" in my opinion.
  12. Your achievement gives hope to everybody. Good work. I sold a video for $14.80 yesterday and a photo for $ 0.59. And of course there are the 0.10 and 0.14 types too. Total revenues till 4th June $ 18.36. Looks like I will cross $ 35 easily this month too. Not too bad in this "doom and gloom" situation.
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