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  1. Each photo must be viewed as a photo first, editorial or commercial later. Editorial and Commercial are selling criteria only as per the laid out guidelines by Shutterstock. So enjoy making the pics.
  2. I agree with Doug one hundred percent. Every place has its own unique character, be it beaches, mountains, even roads and highways and trains. I even shoot photos and videos of an earth excavator machine in an open plot near my house from time to time, and it sells. You never know what someone in some distant part of the world is in need of. I sold this clip over the weekend from Israel for $ 15.80. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1068247043 I had been to this location to shoot some trains via drone and got the dry landscape as well, that someone wanted in Israel. H
  3. This format works with no issues at all: Pune, India - June 20 2021: (blah blah blah.....)
  4. I have been shooting and selling more videos now. Bought a drone too. All thanks to the changes here. I adapted to the new reality. That's life..!!
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pune-india-may-01-2021-very-1965971716
  6. First and foremost, shoot what is in short supply. Go to the Shutterstock site, search for something nearby. Like some specific festival, event or location and see how many pics are available. If the availability is high, forget it. If low, go for it. As an example you can view my portfolio for lockdown images of my city. A unique topic with no images to begin with and now has around 300 images, and has sold around 325 images. Any other current topic images will do. Like Post Lockdown images for Italy, whereas lockdown images are still relevant for India. And videos sell f
  7. For videos I use the iphone 8 plus sometimes and always shoot via the Filmic Pro app. And I always shoot in 4K.
  8. I use the iphone 8 plus but always shoot in RAW via the Procam 8 app. It shoots DNG and the final result after processing is quite acceptable. I have many pics on my portfolio shot on the iphone 8 plus and processed via the Lightroom + Affinity Photo combo. I never shoot JPEG and use phone for pics only if not carrying my camera.
  9. I have been using this from the beginning. Missing on one extra keyword I guess. Good to know its not required. 🙂
  10. An example for a portrait. Editorial ("editorial" must be one of the the keywords) Mumbai, India - January 26 2021: Portrait of a young Indian lady outdoors at Mumbai India. Commercial caption (with model release of course) Portrait of a young Indian lady posing outdoors at Mumbai India. Hope that helps.
  11. 6 downloads, all pics for $ 0.88. The new decade starts.
  12. A good sturdy tripod is required when using any long zoom lens. Start using and you will see the positive difference in your images. All the best.
  13. I neither need a coffee or a bourbon. Have to shoot more videos than click pictures.
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