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  1. Yeah, no thanks. I'm rejecting this offer. It's even worse than one I just rejected from AS.
  2. I got an NDA email ostensibly from Shutterstock about "a new content licensing opportunity". Is this legit?
  3. This discussion might be helpful: https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/fotolia-com/best-keyword-strategy-in-adobe-stock/msg560394/#msg560394
  4. Are you sure about that? Do you mean the first 5 are in order of weight, then 6-10 are the same weight but lower than 5, and 11-49 are all the same with lower weight than 6-10? Of course if you get to 50, all keywords have the same weight. I started off at AS thinking only the first 5 are in order of priority (judging by the color scheme), but later learned the first 10 were given priority.
  5. But Steve, as you know, that information under "Asset Data" appears to be nonsense. I wouldn't trust that info. If it is reliable, then an explanation for his search placement by rank tweeking without high download numbers appears correct.
  6. Quite right. The OP seems to be using a brush to clean up the background. Much easier to select the whitish background (with a magic wand, say) and then reverse the selection to include only the object. Then fill the background with 255 white and perhaps use a soft brush on a mask if some edges need further softening. There are other cutouts in the OP portfolio that could benefit from such a treatment.
  7. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek. It just seems that SS does not seem to care much if some people submit stolen images, since SS gets their share. So we lose. When someone is found to steal an image from SS, we also lose.
  8. I got one of those too. For 17 cents. When people steal images from SS, we don't get paid. When people steal images from contributors, we don't get paid. I'm seeing a pattern here.
  9. I would suggest to stop "playing with brightness and contrast" on your monitor and get it properly color calibrated. This is essential for any photographer in my opinion.
  10. Such collusion is the best explanation I've seen yet. 50/50 split?
  11. But it appears he has only been able to game the system on SS. I think it does hurt any stock library if the best images (and most relevant) are not brought to the top of a search. I wonder if we will get a reaction or comment from SS about this.
  12. I say 13.244 million. You say 13,243,596. Tomato, tomaaato. Same thing. If I was SS, I'd take a close look at how such images show up first at the top of a 13 million pile with the other images on the first several pages of stunning images.
  13. I'm in Canada, and I see 13.244 million hits for Beach, and all the top images are very strong. Only #2 and #3 appear to be dull snapshots from our miracle worker.
  14. If I was in the business of producing films, and my competitor managed to win the academy award in every category for years, I'd be wondering too. I think such curiosity is healthy. I certainly am amazed at this photographer's image placement, and would love to know how he did it. We'll probably never find out.
  15. Nice. I had to double check to see if this was the SS or Alamy forum. The latter usually does very well for me, but this month is at half of SS, which is half of AS.
  16. Do you have any experience or evidence that taking things off SS increases sales at other sites?
  17. Well done. I just got two sales there for $0.10 each for the first time. I'm hoping it's the last of what is ostensibly called "novel use".
  18. I have been uploading a steady trickle of images this year (2/business day) and I find the new images sometimes sell immediately, or within weeks. So I think new images do sell. Whether it's worth uploading new content to SS is another question. Performance this year is abysmal.
  19. Interesting. For me SS is tanking, especially since this year. I'm only going to hit level 4 again next month. Income at AS is consistently twice what I get here.
  20. As expected, number sales was normal for me (221), income was my lowest yet since starting:
  21. Ha Ha Ha. That's a good one. If I actually had some SS stock I might have something to say. But I could assure investors that I've given up a fair bit of income on their behalf.
  22. And think of all the money they save using programs instead of people. Now if they could just replace these pesky photographers....
  23. I wonder if it is likely that many clients buy a subscription package at the beginning of the year. While ODDS and SODS still trickle in from less consistent buyers, this could explain the many 10 cent subs. Maybe things will look up after the 350/750 downloads have been used up. I live in hope.
  24. SS has gone from being my top earner to 1/2 to 1/4 of the income of my other two sites. I doubt higher levels will change this.
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