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  1. No. Getty owns istock now, but Getty has a separate collection. I got in to Getty through another aggregator (not wirestock).
  2. But Wirestock is essentially "all of the above" right? Not a separate stock library, but an aggregator. So it includes AS, SS, DT, etc. Do you have the same material at wirestock and AS or SS directly, for example?
  3. For me, Alamy remains my top earner. Then AS, then SS. I never tried istock.
  4. I started here in 2019 and have sold 27% of my images at least once. Had I had started to put my port. up in 2005, I'm sure the percentage would be much higher.
  5. So far this month SS is running half that of AS, and 1/4 that of Alamy. SS is now consistently my worst performer.
  6. Thanks to you both for your public service!
  7. Why? Humor usually involves a bit of exaggeration.
  8. Yeah. I hear you. My last 8 sales over the last three days have all been for 10 cents. I'm now at the "half cup of coffee" contributor percentage.
  9. I was just going by a 30% contributor share. It might be lower, in which case the sale was even higher. Remarkable.
  10. So someone bought an image for about $3000? Wow. I've had those at Getty but I didn't think SS was in the same league.
  11. Alex, it's understandable that you inadvertently hijacked my thread about a SS "opportunity". I should have titled mine differently. Your thread about Arcangel is called New Opportunities Thread You might want to keep to that one so all the feedback is in one place. Cheers.
  12. Yeah, no thanks. I'm rejecting this offer. It's even worse than one I just rejected from AS.
  13. I got an NDA email ostensibly from Shutterstock about "a new content licensing opportunity". Is this legit?
  14. This discussion might be helpful: https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/fotolia-com/best-keyword-strategy-in-adobe-stock/msg560394/#msg560394
  15. Are you sure about that? Do you mean the first 5 are in order of weight, then 6-10 are the same weight but lower than 5, and 11-49 are all the same with lower weight than 6-10? Of course if you get to 50, all keywords have the same weight. I started off at AS thinking only the first 5 are in order of priority (judging by the color scheme), but later learned the first 10 were given priority.
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