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  1. A lot less than I had hoped when I started. It's settled in to about $120/mo on just under 12,000 images only. In spite of less than half those images at AS, income there is better than here.
  2. That has happened to me several times in the past. I haven't seen that for a long time now. It may be easier to delete and resubmit. I am now using the post approval editing "feature" for keywords to re-order keywords in thousands of past images. It is excruciating work.
  3. My hope that the commission structure would have little impact on income was dashed in July. The changes had little effect on June but I've never seen an income below $100 yet. ouch.
  4. Maybe I got lucky this month. I did have one $41 sale. Still nothing to get excited about:
  5. Now, now. MJD was trying to help, and he/she did. I was surprised how well plantnet worked for me.
  6. Wow, that worked really well. thanks for the link. It's Silphium perfoliatum L. Compositae or Cup Plant. It even has nice yellow flowers.
  7. I'll check it out.
  8. Thanks anyway. How about another picture then:
  9. Not sure how plantnet works, but it seems focused on European trees. I'm in Ontario, Canada. This is not a tree. Does plantnet do herbaceous perennials in North America?
  10. You got my hopes up there. No, this is not a tree. It's herbaceous, not woody. I thought it might be a giant hogweed at first, but the leaves are wrong. These form a cup that pools water at the stem. The stalk is ribbed. Growing right beside the water. The mystery continues...
  11. I can't seem to get in to Alamy forum at the moment. I wonder if there are any plant experts here. I'm stuck identifying this plant. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I just looked back at June 2019. I had 345 downloads for $229. Dividing this by 3 (for 10 days vs 30) gives 115 downloads for $76. This compares to 77 downloads for $90 so far this month. Clearly, I need more data to make comparisons, but so far, I'm seeing more non-sub sales.
  13. Yes, RPD. I just started MS about a year ago after years at macro sites. It was galling to see 25 cent downloads at first, but it added up. So, although I agree the new scheme is likely to represent another pay cut for us, I'm less shocked by 10 cent downloads since I thought the 33 cents I was getting before was already a catastrophe.
  14. Although 10 cent sales are difficult to bear, my averages haven't changed that much. Here are my average monthly RPIs: Jan 0.66 Feb 0.55 Mar 0.69 Apr 0.76 May 0.52 June (so far) 1.35 OK, so June was skewed a bit due to a $41 sale. Without that it would be 0.56 Still not so bad.
  15. I have a similar experience to OP. Today I got a $41 sale. Kind of makes up for the 10 cent sales. I just got a pay statement from another agency (big G) and had a $3125 sale. Pity I only get 20%, but still. Lot of nickle and dimes over there too, but at least there is a better possibility to strike it rich.
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