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  1. Yes, well done Wilm. That is a mind boggling number. I'm still trying to get past the 2 digit numbers I have.
  2. Thank you both. I was quite productive years ago when I was working and still managed two trips a year and lots of local outings. Now that I'm retired (and just bought a new house) image creation is taking a back seat. Still, when things settle down I'll get back into a picture taking rhythm because I love it, never mind the low prices.
  3. I see that clicking "my image portfolio" gives 11,997. I may have to add 3 more. I guess three got lost along the way.
  4. Not that I have been uploading much lately, but I just got to a round number. I think I'll leave it there for a while:
  5. Sadly, I think you are both right. Normally, a reduction in commissions is mirrored by at least an effort at investment in more marketing. Nothing normal here.
  6. I've heard it many times before that contributor royalty reductions by libraries are pitched as resulting in more downloads to make up the difference. I was hoping for more downloads, not less after the cut. Is it due to COVID? Maybe. SS is marketing our images. If they do a good job, we should win. If they take the drastic measure of reducing our income without increasing sales, I say that puts egg on their faces.
  7. Oddly, my number of downloads are also down. I'm now consistently at 75% of downloads compared to the first quarter of this year. I was hoping download numbers would go up to compensate for lower royalties. If this is the case across the board, SS would really have some egg on their faces.
  8. Can I just make a lighthearted observation? This is the first stock forum where threads are started at the BEGINNING of the month about performance. At other places, stock photographers start the debrief after the END of the month. But I get it. Micro does that. I'm now checking results many times a day (OCD or what?). It's like watching those water pistol horse races at the fair. Healthy? Probably not. Fun? Of course!
  9. OK, the mystery continues...
  10. So you must be the artist formerly known as Doug. Yes? I can see why some of my pro photography friends left stills and went to video.
  11. I was having a poor month at SS with only $103. But today I got a $75 sale; my highest single sale yet. Wish there were more of those.
  12. There are a lot of contributors to Offset. Prices are high(er). I wonder how much traffic they get. Any Offset shooters on the forum willing to share?
  13. From January to September I've got: 0.66 0.55 0.69 0.76 0.52 June: 0.72 0.46 0.74 0.41 so far in September Not much of a trend in RPD so far, but income is down.
  14. About 5 in a row before a slightly higher sub squeaks in. There are still lots of ODDS and SODS to keep my average RPD around 75 cents.
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