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  1. Is it a way to download high quality pics which were uploaded by myself? If so, then shutterstock becomes a online drive to save my photos and I will not concern about losing my data anymore, hhhhh
  2. lol. you sell that photo means that the buyer will get the right to use it. and this photo can be sold for many times, so you don't have to do that. Moreover, I am very curious about your earnnings😀
  3. These days I am going to learn some photoshop and process the photos shot recent monnth🤯
  4. Yes, there are many things different in China, but if I submit a building that is beautiful, most of time it would be rejected(infrane property rights?), if I shot people, then I don't have model release and also I don't want there face appear in the internet without even konowing it. So temperately I just shot some old buildings and some normal looking buildings. I'm sorry for my poor skills because I started photographing not long time ago.
  5. I thought that means you have space in this pic and you can put other things in this pic😂
  6. So I think ss is also a bit of strict😅, (in fact it is because I'm too weak in photographing)
  7. OK😅,Those photos are submited berfore I start this topic, and actually, I submitted about 150+ and finally passed 15+😓
  8. Thank you very much@Phil Lowe and Jim in SC and RLD , I konw my weakness and I will learn😁
  9. Hello everyone, I am new here and would be very glad to you if you could see my portfilio and give some advice for me, Thank you very much!😀
  10. But Why? 60+ pics have been selected but I am still limitted to upload large number of pics?
  11. I successfully uploaded about 300 pictures via FTP. But after even 3 hours, my pictures uploaded only partly diaplayed in the ''Not Yet Submitted'' section. How? Is that means I can only upload limitted number of pictures a day? Or I just didn't sucessfully uploaded?
  12. I'm new here, last day I submitted abou 150 pictiures then only 50 approved, some of the rejected photos are good but seems to need some release, like property release, another person's intellectual property.but these photos are just shotted my room and my things, So is there any to faster the resubmit speed?
  13. I'm new to shutterstock and uploaded about 10 pictures, 9 of those were selected. I have several questions and it would be very nice for you seniors to answer. Do I became an active contributer and could submitt any number of pictures/illustrators? And do I need to upload my passport because I am a Chinese? And do I need to pay tax and how to do that? Finally, suppose I am a average and normal contributor, how many photos in portfilio does it need if I want to have a steady earnings about 150 dollars a month? Thank you very much and say soory for my poor english.
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