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  1. Hi all, I had similar changes in mindset too. I no longer check the app that often as before since this pricing is a disgrace to our efforts. Taking a photo has always been fun for me since I love photography (and being the son of a professional photographer) but the behind the scenes is a total waste with this pricing. I can still edit with pleasure since I do enjoy creating beautiful works but for the key wording as well as writing explanations/texts is no longer fun especially if the outcome is just 10 cents mostly. So, along with the most (semi)professionals here, I'll still do it (less) but simply not for this company any longer. Why do I keep on making some people rich while I disgust the new policy taken by those guys? They'll earn millions of dollars / year and I'll spend hundreds of hours trying to reach the minimum threshold. Last but least, I'm confident that in the long future, the pricing will be down to the single digits. As Warren Buffet said: Strongly suggest the new CEO of Shutterstock to read and understand some of Warren's books since they ruined the reputation in such a short time. Well done, keep up this way.
  2. Try Xpiks. They were suggested by SS sometime ago among the articles, too.
  3. make me feel like I need to go to the pastry shop to buy one of these..
  4. Not sure how price varies in your land but you can even think of 6D too. They are all very good cameras in general with FF features. Purely depends on your budget. I own 5D Mark 2 and very happy with it too (yes still). I suggest you to spare some money for a good lens rather than spending all of your money on a camera. Regardless of what camera you buy, lens will make the most differ since more or less each camera is fantastic these days. Good luck with your choice.
  5. Same here. I think I submitted 20 videos or so in the recent few months and all are rejected with the noise/grain reason. Interesting. Majority of them were actually taken in the middle of the day so noise is out of option. It looks like they changed the standards but not so clear on my end. I even blamed myself for not shooting properly but now that I see this thread, I feel less guilty Anyway, I'm glad geogif 👍 started this thread so that we are aware, we are not alone. Have a good day & good sales all...
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