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  1. Interestingly you have very similar photos accepted and they are selling. Often when I submit similar images, only one is accepted. This decreases chances of sale for me, as potential customers may want slightly different versions of an image. Most of your 0.10$ downloads should be those given for free to subscribers. Otherwise, they would sell on average around 0.35-0.70 as other contributors report. So, if you take that into account, probably the sum you receive did not change at all, or may even have decreased. Still, I hope it works the other way for you and you earn more than before. Best regards.
  2. Since the founder of SS has sold his stocks before the new earnings structure, I think the intention is not to save the suppliers, but rather cannibalistically eat the 330.000.000 images to the benefit of stockholders. Yes, history may repeat, so SS could vanish, or it may get easier to be merged or acquired by another agency which roughly attracts similar artists (i.e. istockphoto) by avoiding duplicate accounts. The MS industry seems to have already a lot of experience on mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, technological progress has made the technology available to many people, and this brings other benefits. By cheaper imagery systems, we all benefit better health diagnostics, etc. So it is not a completely sad story. Besides, it made it a more even playground for people from lower income countries. On the other hand the new income structure still plays to the hands of artists from higher income countries which have accumulated thousands of photos throughout the years against newcomers who still has to pay much more to cameras comparatively due to low purchasing power of their local currencies. So, probably you will be able to survive but others wont. Please don't take this comment offensively, it is just taking into account a more global perspective. Best regards.
  3. I see many people still don't understand or recognize that most of the 0.10 cent royalties come from images given for free. So, deleting such images makes sense, because the customers like but receive them for free through shutterstock. I am sure other agencies do similar things, but most of them don't give ridiculous 0.10 cents, or at least their RPD is higher.
  4. So far, I deleted 14 images that are sold for 0.10. And meanwhile they sell elsewhere for 0.38, etc.
  5. So far I deleted 10 distinct images because they were sold at 0.10 cents at shutterstock. Let's see if they will be sold elsewhere. Half of them are editorial images.
  6. I go to the catalogue view, type a keyword, find my image, and open it to edit. And then just delete it. If I walk through the category, it deletes it only in the category.
  7. Yes it is true they also sell images sometimes for 0.003 cents, still the average is 0.32-0.36 cents considering 2.80 dollar, 1.25 dollar or other sales. So, it was equal to average of Shutterstock before the new payment structure.
  8. Sometimes being an outlier makes you see another perspective Best regards.
  9. As an amateur who has portfolios in 7 other agencies, I apply the following actions : Everytime an image is sold for 0.10 cents in Shutterstock, I delete it from Shutterstock. This way I maximize potential income since my average in Istockphoto is 0.35 cents, 0.42 in Dreamstime and 2.50 in Pond5. (Although I sell rarely with this ecclectical portfolio mixed with entry level pro DSLR, amateur DSLR, smartphone and illustration images, which is definitely not surprising). Since a long time I was thinking that probably Shutterstock makes you addicted because it gives you so small but so often. It is like bad eating habit. I'd rather have a full meal at proper times, and stay mentally healthy. Everytime an image is sold in another agency, I delete it from Shutterstock. So again, I know that the image can be sold elsewhere, and protect the value which is above RPD in Shutterstock. Before the new payment structure, my RPD in shutterstock was about 0.36, like Istockphoto. Now it is 0.15. As an example Pond5 sold only 1 image, which is equivalent to 27 sales in Shutterstock. 200 sales in shutterstock equals to only 3 sales in Alamy. Of course if I was a professional with thousands of images here, I would think differently. So, everybody has to find his/her own solution (or in other words, ways to escape from this sinking ship). Good luck to all those hardworking artists! I have worked in a place where I was "devalued" and ignored, and the only solution was to quit and go somewhere else which is capable of employing you among your talent.
  10. The image should contain 0.10 cent paperback dollars, not twenty notes
  11. As an amateur I believe that I should not pay for shutterstock shareholders lavish lifestyles. Considering the wear of equipment, even if it is a smartphone or a low profile DSLR, the transport and telecom costs, and the private time spent for keywording, etc, I feel that I am subsidizing Shutterstock. Why should I do that? Other sites are also fun. Besides, their RPD is 4 to 100 times more (considering Alamy, especially). My conclusion is to delete each image as they are sold first time, until no images are left here. Since they are sold for 0.10 cents, I lose nothing. But it will lead to a lot of paperwork there in the office for sure.
  12. Hi. I made my first sale in approximately 25 days. I was wondering whether if data will be shown after a month but it was shown as soon as the sale was done. Even though my area was a high fraud area, which means there is a 90 waiting period, the data is shown as soon as the sale was done. Best regards.
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