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  1. I was waiting to get paid and get my account settled before doing anything and as this has now been completed I have deactivated my account. 10c an image is an insult to both me and my work, so No more insults and if I never sell another image in my life, I will never sell an image again for 10c, I have far more pride in myself and my work to accept that. My sales numbers for June were exactly the same as May, but my earnings are down nearly 70% which is disgraceful, so as Douglas Adams once fittingly said, So long and thanks for the fish!
  2. You and me both. What an exciting opportunity, see you there!
  3. The email says ‘Don’t miss the July shot list’ !!?? Who’s kidding, for 10c an image I’m out of the door as we speak! Can’t wait. What an Absolute Bargain! 😀
  4. £6500 GBP for a new Canon EOS1Dx and 10c for an image taken with it. £6000+ for a trip to Kenya and 10c for an image taken there. The mathematics no longer work and users have been getting away with using quality images far to cheaply for far to long. It is no longer worth the time or effort uploading to stock, so if you’re unhappy about it then stop doing it, if you withdraw your images from use then some changes may eventually occur, whilst folks happily take 10c as a reward for an image taken on £10k’s worth of equipment nothing will change. Apart from the fact you’ll never afford to c
  5. I'm also trying to upload Video from the UK and am getting exactly the same information both on Filezilla and Cyberduck. This server does not support FTP over TLS etc, etc. - However when I do click on OK, as in Malayali's screen shot I just get critical error - failed to connect, so even if I was happy to show my password, I still can't get connected. Obviously I'm not going to send my password over in 'clear' and the advice given via the Shutterstock help desk hasn't worked. Has anyone solved this problem yet?
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