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  1. LOL - seems Shutterstock has decided it needs no more photos at all. I looked at several portfolios a minute ago and all have 0 images...
  2. Still lots of active ports posting here. The "signal" at June 1st seems to become not as drastic as the first reactions promised to. Most contributors will play along, as planned and foreseen by the decision makers - very disappointing indeed.
  3. Who else is in, come on guys, this number is still way too high: When the infamous mail came, it was like this:
  4. Did this, too. My port reads 0 Fotos, yours 12k+...
  5. I take the risk. If they decide to keep the few dollars i would get at the next payout, go and give it to the starving shareholders...
  6. During the last year i earned almost double the amount at AS than here with the same portfolio, and that was with the old "good" SS payment...
  7. Okay, June 1st approaching fast, i see a lot of active ports posting here...
  8. Oooops - that is, if i reactivate my portfolio ever again...
  9. Okay, done, i just disabled my 17.694 fotos. I was thinking of disabling my port for a long time. Until now I already got more than double the money per download over at AS with almost the same portfolio. I wanted to see if my downloads at AS go up when i disable the cheap counterparts here. Thank you very much Shutterstock for giving me the final kick (in the face) to run the test 😉
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