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  1. I compared revenue from the first three months of 2020, before this ten cent nonsense went into effect, to the first three months of 2021, and there is a 52% reduction in revenue., despite roughly same number of sales. Basically, you will have to have twice the sales just to get you to the point that you were as of May 2020. Moral of the story? Stock is a dead end.
  2. I fail to see how cutting our rates to ten cents benefits contributors in any way at all. Basically, it’s been a 60% cut across the board. My earnings are much lower. I can’t imagine anyone is benefiting from this new arrangement.
  3. I stock has its issues. You can paid as little as a penny for a download. Also, you have to wait at least a month to see your downloads. I’ve seen downloads reported two months after the fact. Technical issues are constant, and their key wording setup is the worst I’ve seen. Let’s face it, stock isn’t great anywhere, but this ten cent nonsense at shutterstock is insulting.
  4. I stock gives you the number of views. It’s useless information.
  5. I did. You never know what a customer might want. Either could have met the needs of a buyer. As I said, a different angle, a different image.
  6. I submitted two images of the same subject but from different angles. They rejected one saying similar content. They didn’t give me a choice as to which one I wanted in my portfolio, they chose. Both were accepted at other agencies.
  7. Invest in more expensive equipment? At ten cents a sale it will be never when you see a return on your investment. If I were still uploading, (I haven’t since June 1), they wouldn’t get more than an iPhone image.
  8. In some jurisdictions the minimum wage is $15 an hour. At these rates it would take 150 DL to earn minimum wage. I can’t imagine SS is going to attract too many contributors with stats like that.
  9. Panhandlers on the streets usually get a buck thrown at them. We work hard and get a dime thrown at us. What’s wrong with this picture?
  10. Believe it or not, it is worse at Istock. I can’t tell you how many downloads I have had for a penny or three cents, five cents, six cents. It is very demoralizing, I’ve stopped submitting certain types of photos because of the time involved. I can never break even for some types of photos. Sad to see Shutterstock in a race to the bottom.
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