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  1. it's not that it is allowed, it's more that Shutterstock will not enforce allowability of these, and leave you to your own to get your rights respected. It is not because SS allows it, that it is legal, for some things they err on extreme caution, for some things they are extremely lax.
  2. actually this is a great avenue, since their refusal to due anything could be deemed to make them accomplice to the copyright breach.
  3. i don't think you have to accept the situation. The only problem is your recourses are really expensive. This would be an interesting court case, it could be landmark for creators like you. Problem is the world doesn't really support you. You need to find an organisation that will be your voice, seem as when Naruto took to get his rights upheld.
  4. considering both the male images are the affected one, it's hard to tell because of the small image any chance there is anything on his outfit? (i first i thought the watch design, but it's not on the second)
  5. i don't often say positive things about SS nowadays, but good on them for blocking systemic Racism. @Kate Shutterstock well done
  6. can you confirm that the laundry detergent is unscented. The one i current have isn't, which makes me sneeze every time i put my mask on, so i can't go out to buy new one.
  7. this will be an interesting test of how quickly IT can act, and where priority lies, and remove the latest bug that still allows us to post.
  8. nice feature development from SS. always looking out for the contributors
  9. and removing zoo from kw just to get it accepted doesn't change the fact. this is like saying some can take your image as long as they don't say they stole it from SS it's fine
  10. they are still waiting for Shutterstock support to get back to them I actually had the online help for customer disconnect with me, because the can only handle English language.
  11. Doesn't debate usually require opposing views?
  12. hi. just because i don't think the link to id worked. @Kate Shutterstock this was addressed to you
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