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  1. wow 130% mark-up. they need to renegotiate their deal.
  2. yeah. it may be worth doing in in January 10 times to skip the Level 1
  3. no but there is incentive to delay timing to minimize payouts. Many people are reporting higher level of EL in early June, when they would have been on lower % than before, so where is the audit, and why can't they share this information. Same as how conversion of currency is calculated.
  4. So when are we getting those greater earning potentials for contributors? i see them as shareholders, but not as contributor
  5. simple, I had ZERO rejections since the new commission was introduced.
  6. zero sales in July. this place is dying,
  7. interesting i have the opposite experience, but probably because i only selectively adjust with masks, and don't use LR (only talking about half exposures or so)
  8. Level 3, ODD 0.90 (sigh) south africa, so probably same package pricing as Milo above
  9. it just makes it easier, as it than goes automatically for sale after QC, and then you can do the "optional" stuff later. but since i focus on Alamy i probably curate my portfolio more than average with weekly review of searches
  10. best way to close your account, based on recent reports, is to go on social media, and attack the company
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