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  1. Mr. Grossinger , you sound very confident with your statements regarding the "Upload Quantity Equals the Download Quataties". I suggest to you to make a challenge betwen me and you. If I got everything correct you are following your goal to upload 10K images until the end of the year, so in any way you are going to upload as much as you can. From my side I will not upload a single image until the December 1st (2019), and at the end of the month we will compare our earning statements in the forum. My portfolio 7 or 8 times smaller than yours and I am not a pro photographer, so you should have an advantage at this point as well. What do you think? Let me know if you accept the challange. PS: there are 8 accepted videos which has not yet been added to my collection.
  2. Hello Alex, that's an amazing composition you've made at a seaside. Either you were waiting for a long time or you were very lucky and caught the moment. But I clearly understand what did you mean with the post.
  3. I appreciate everyone for reacting to this topic and sharing with me your thoughts. Thank you Mr. Phil Lowe on a nice word and thanks to Mr. Ackab for the honest critics. Mr. Oliver Denker, I have never thought about it in the way you have reasoned, but that makes sense. Looking back I see that I had my best earning times when I have not uploaded frequently, but once or twice a month. And most of my images start selling only 2-3 weeks after the date of upload.
  4. I have almost doubled the size of my portfolio in the last two months; however, overall sales decreased, and this month is the worst, I have made only 3 sales. Anyone else experiencing similar tendency?
  5. One year in Shutterstock and in photography. Just reached 200th download.
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