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  1. Dear sir/madam please let me know that why shutter stock is rejecting images that have no problems. I am submit lot of HD images draw by myself in Photoshop that have no feather one pixel even. Rejection reason every time is "Illustration has rasterization issues such as blurriness and/or artifacting." And lot of images that if i send again got approved. have no idea. please must reply me if anyone know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lot of thanks for advises my all friends,
  3. Hi all friends, I am new at SS. please inform me that how can i increase my following and following work in SS forum or it works on SS portfolio? I have now idea about On Demand. Please explain me. Advance Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I have 2 questions 1) I have a range of textile designs which have separate channels of colours. But the issue is that there is no way to upload PSD file. Customers need textile design in separate colours. 2) how can work "On demand" action? I mean costumer will contact directly? Or via shutterstock? If through shutterstock then If he demand color separation of a design then how can we upload? My portfolio is: www.shutterstock.com/g/umarhayat63 Lot thanks
  5. Hi all friends, my name is Umar I want to discuss about writing title disruption. Is there any tool/website which gives me the best title of an Illustration. Please must reply me. Thanks in advance.
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