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  1. i use huawei p40 pro. I do not have phone photos downloaded. so far have one phone video downloaded too, but that was made with a tripod.
  2. i am also thinking of buying a camera for 4 K but considering the price to pay such a new camera, I guess I should give up
  3. Can anyone recommend a relatively cheap Canon camera that can take 4k videos? Many thanks!
  4. same problem here, but it never happened before
  5. Thanks for the trick. Following that, I feel the acceptance rate is much higher. The files are much smaller too (drop from 14-5 MB to 2-3 MB), saving my computer space.
  6. Hi, when I submit a video (by EOS 6D Mark II), it is often rejected because of the above problem, even when I just did very minor editing. This is frustrating and I simply do not know what to do. Is there an easy way to deal with the problem? Many thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your suggestion of using "2500-3000 pixel on the wide side". I have the same rejection problem so will follow your suggestion. I am using LR and then output edited photos from there. Here is the place I can choose the image size but I am not sure how to change the setting to achieve "2500-3000 pixel on the wide side". Thanks for your help in advance.
  8. when I submit a phone photo, it is rejected often with this comment even I did not editing: Content contains chrominance noise, luminance noise, sharpening noise, or film grain that detracts from the main subject.
  9. I use Huawei P40. There are the phone photos sold recently: The foodpanda was taken in good light condition; others were in restaurant, train, subway, airport, with relatively poor light
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