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  1. I have similar problem. I use "Adobe Stock 4k DCI" to output the file. Quality is better but end up with a huge file. There should be a better option: good quality but with a smaller file size, but I do not really know
  2. Sometimes I wish they simply use AI, but it does not seem so. Review is getting very slow. If SS uses AI, it can work 24 hours a day so the review can be very quick! AI should be very consistent, it would not reject the same photo today but accept it tomorrow.
  3. I have most downloaded images which disappear after using the Top Quality Filter, which means the AI filter is different from the normal human eyes of customers. Then what is the point? It is the customers who use the images, not the AI filter.
  4. Yes I should choose AS UHD if I took the video as UHD. Thanks a lot!
  5. I changed the setting of camera to 4K DCI and now the problem is gone. Many thanks!
  6. I am using Canon EOS R5 for video and Premiere Pro for editing. I am confused about choosing the right setting for exporting videos. For HD I choose "Match Source- High bitrate". For 4K, this seems not good enough. I thought "Adobe Stock 4K DCI" was good, but it leads to two black strips on the left and right sides of the video, and also a huge file. Appreciate any help.
  7. thanks for the suggestion. I have the same problems too. Very often the edited video has lower quality than the original. Do you use Premiere? I am confused by so many output settings
  8. "up to a total upfront payment of US$ 5" can be anything less than 5, right?
  9. for those frequently downloaded ones, not one may be interested in just 5$
  10. when I upload photos to Shutterstock, descriptions and keywords disappear, but they are ok for other sites such as AS and DT. Could you any one know the problem? Many thanks!
  11. i use huawei p40 pro. I do not have phone photos downloaded. so far have one phone video downloaded too, but that was made with a tripod.
  12. i am also thinking of buying a camera for 4 K but considering the price to pay such a new camera, I guess I should give up
  13. Can anyone recommend a relatively cheap Canon camera that can take 4k videos? Many thanks!
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