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  1. Work on different category sales will increase , Don't shoot similar subject again and again, Anyone who have 10K + Image scan earn in between $400 to $600 per month instead of that you are just earning 30-40 , Its too low . Work on rural images since you are from Maharashtra you can get variety of rural India pictures , get a model release when shooting people its not too hard just convey then where these images can be use .....
  2. Hello bro , This is Abhishek From Bengal , I am working on SS since 2017 and everything was awesome before May 2020 but suddenly everything changed in few days . Income reduced almost 60% which is not enough for me , I'm not a full time stock photographer but working here as a passion to earn some extra money but now a days with 10 cents of photo sales and 2-5 dollar video sales you can't be able to pay your room rent. So my advise will be to continue your full time job and work as a part time in stock photography.
  3. So basically i will earn more just by refering than Shooting, editing and uploading Refrall earning is 4cent where as your download will make you 10 cents
  4. Yesterday they mailed us new payment structure and after that they told us that earnings will not be less then 10cents but A Refrall earning is 4cent Which mean you will earn more money by just referral and not by Shoot, Edit and upload. So why the hell we will work for 10cent when we can earn 4cent just by referring a new contributor. Or will they also remove or reduce this Refrall earnings? What is your opinion on this.....
  5. Should i post commercial and editorial both or only commercial in my account to get a consistence sale? Since editorial images helps me to increase size of the portfolio but sales are low.
  6. Yesterday i received a email from PayPal that SS paid me some ammount of money to my PayPal account but the ammount is not showing into my PayPal account. I contacted to PayPal and come to know that my email was not confirmed at the time of payment so they returned the money to Shutterstock back. My question is will Shutterstock again send those money to my PayPal account or i will not able to get those money ?
  7. Can i fill the name by hand written? What is the meaning of (printed) after all name should it printed digitally or i can write it?
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