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  1. Happy Birthday Steven 🎂🥂🎁
  2. Thank you for the suggestion but it doesn't interest me enough. I have one in my port that was a chance encounter with no preparation time. I think that will remain the only one. I have looked at a few of your videos and I can see how you do so well with them. Very professionally made. Australia looks lovely.
  3. Thank you Milo. I am glad your sales aren't as affected by the payment changes/Covid as you might have feared. My last ODs were in June and unfortunately my last 20 downloads (ongoing) are almost invariably 10 cents with the very occasional one a few cents more. Time will tell.
  4. Thank you so much Wilm. Just as the prospect of Eternity is a solace on this long road to oblivion that is life, an equal solace shall be the prospect of an EL (eventually) on this long road paved with 10 cent coins that is being a Sstock contributor.
  5. Thanks for that Wilm. That's really cheered me up. There's something to look forward to then.
  6. I don't. I just see them. But thank you so much for your helpful advice.
  7. So true and those articles piss me off every time I see them 🤯
  8. That's my cat's name. Your dog can't have the same name as my cat. That's just wrong. Can you change your dog's name please to something more doggy. 'Rover' would do.
  9. I think you're barking up the wrong tree. I know you can't teach an old dog new tricks but really you should lap up the advice given, take the lead and walk away from your misconception. Every dog has his day. Dogs' names matter. 🐶 Woof 🐾
  10. Very glad I have quite a few editorials in my port as in recent weeks they tend to represent at least 50% of my sales. I am assuming that this is to do with certain types of media surviving in these challenging times. I wonder if this is true for others? @Whiteaster That is indeed a very beautiful song. It doesn't sound like Mick Jagger 🤔
  11. Sorry to hear that for you too. Yes, the SODs and ODs being much rarer/non existent makes such a difference. These are difficult times we live in but you have cheered us up with a Rolling Stones song thread 🙂
  12. This Rolling Stones song is more appropriate for me this month @Whiteaster 😄
  13. Welcome back @Former_Poster I have missed your input although I occasionally read your posts on the Microstock Forum.
  14. Thanks @Jeremy Pawlowski Oddly I have only just received the notification of your post. Very informative. Those sums of money made my eyes light up 👀 I may try again. Nothing ventured nothing gained...
  15. Because Sstock have made themselves totally unaccountable to us. They pay us a percentage of 'something' but we aren't afforded the courtesy of knowing what that 'something' is. The next big announcement is that they are going to start paying us in beans instead of cents. If we are lucky we will have enough beans at the end of the month to make a soup.
  16. My last 19 downloads are all 10 cents except one for a huge 13 cents. How much of a disincentive to upload is that 🤯
  17. I don't think the download number is to do with Sstock. Numbers have reduced I think due to Covid + related global economic decline. It's in Sstock's favour to have as many downloads as possible as they benefit vastly more than we do from our work.
  18. Interesting thought. English too. Although of course America has a partially English foundation. It would be good to know how universal are our superstitions and sayings. The sayings were once called 'old wives' tales'. How politically incorrect is that 😊
  19. Superstition. If you speak aloud something you hope to happen you can jinx it and make it not happen. Hopefully not for you 🤞
  20. Sales absence has a lot to do with a worldwide pandemic and subsequent major global economic downturn/collapse. What Sstock could do is give us our money back. Chances of that = 0.
  21. Sorry to hear of the Covid effect on your industry too Wilm. Re trade, as the UK government is talking about walking away from a trade deal with the EU, it may not be us Germany imports to 🤯 Strange times...
  22. So sorry to hear this. Hope you have another 'string to your bow'. Everything is so inter-related that the knock on effect of Covid seems infinite. Selling hand gel and personal protective products might be a good industry to be in at the moment 😷
  23. @Kate Shutterstock or @Alex Shutterstock Could you look into this fault please? These are screenshots of my portfolio numbers this afternoon. I haven't uploaded or deleted anything. They are changing as if by magic.
  24. @Rudy Umans @Patrick Cooper https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53821146
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