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  1. Here's a 9/10 for you, which may show up as a 10/10 somewhere else:
  2. This one shows as 6/10 to me. @Thijs de Graaf does it say that where you are? It's just that different people are coming up with other ratings for my photos from what I am seeing, so it's all a bit random:
  3. I'm on Windows 10 on my PC and looking via Edge. This one of yours is 7/10: But this one is 9 😁 Your port is an interesting one for comparisons as all your house plants seem to have different ratings, from 6 to 9, without any obvious difference in quality. Your dogs (as with my dolls) don't seem to have ratings. 😞
  4. Hug back πŸ™‚ I can only see the ratings using Microsoft Edge browser. Then I can only see a small proportion with a rating, and no editorial photos so far. Good luck.
  5. This one's a 6. 7 would have made me happy. I know it's not worthy of a 9 or 10. But still, 6 😞 ie the lowest rating:
  6. Having trawled through a lot of my nature photos '6' is rather more common than I'd like to see and I am sure more common than buyers want. That's my sales down the pan then and no chance of me uploading any more. Great initiative for contributors. It's good to see how valued we are. This completely changes the dynamics of buying. You go into a shop and a sign says 'don't buy this one, it's crap, buy that one ... well, actually, they're all crap in that bunch. I suggest you shop somewhere else ...'
  7. Microsoft Edge works for me. Thanks @Former_Poster Not on my phone though. I don't understand the ratings (predictably). Mine seem to vary between 6 and 9 completely randomly. Still looking for that elusive 10. None of my editorial photos so far have a rating and very few of any photos. Interestingly, my leaf cutter bee cut leaf, posted earlier in this thread by @Pavel Rumlena is marked as only 6 when I look when it was marked as 7 when the OP looked. How mad is that.
  8. That's because my female bug had her hair done that day and put make-up on. She not only got her man, but she also got the highest rating.
  9. This lovely new addition to the exciting news new features isn't available to me yet. I can only guess at the ratings that my images have. Maybe not knowing is better. I am giving Sstock a 'predicted quality rating' with regard to their communication with contributors about this new innovation (and the vague possibility that someone might bother to read this thread and actually respond): 0/10 (If anyone can find one of my images with 10/10 please let me know. I will then spend 300 worth of subscription downloads on a bottle of bubbly to celebrate).
  10. So, only 1.6 million contributors: "Today, I’m proud to share that Shutterstock has launched β€œAll The Best Artists,” the first artist-focused campaign where we celebrate the visionary work of photographers, videographers, and illustrators from around the world that make up our rich and diverse 1.6 million contributor community". https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/all-best-artists-shutterstock-stan-pavlovsky
  11. When I first saw that I thought 'what a fantastic photo' then I realised it was mine πŸ™‚ I did try changing languages and back thanks but to no avail. It looks like they are testing another piece of 'exciting news' for us 😞
  12. I can't see this on my images but I also can't see it on any of the top images of the contributors on this thread who say that it's there so my conclusion is that buyers can't see it. I dearly hope so as I can't see the sense in this at all. If anything it will put buyers off if the ratings are low which is an absurd innovation.
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