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  1. I read a kindle now so no nice covers to look at. However you have reminded me that I made a photo trip to Brighton as I was inspired by the photo covers on Peter James' detective series based there.
  2. Thank you @Ackab Photography and @Repelsteeltje for your kind words. By-the-way, thank you to everyone who has PM'd me in the past. I cannot be PM'd now unless @Kate Shutterstock is able to fix this. Hope you are all have a good weekend. It is far too hot here 😡 at least for me. My average monthly income isn't worth mentioning....
  3. Thank you for the good wishes both. I just inserted links to 4 of my Sstock sets in the application. If I get the expected rejection then I may try again with the sending 20 images option. @balajisrinivasan that surprised me regarding your application 😐
  4. I've made an application to Arcangel Alex and donated $10 to yourself via your website. A small amount I know but will hopefully cover a couple of beers wherever you live. You have helped a lot of people over the years. Cheers 🍻
  5. Really interesting article on book cover photography. Thanks for that.
  6. Yep. Stupid and cheap and that's what Sstock thinks we are too.
  7. Congratulations. Brilliant photo and article. Great and important journalism too.
  8. Contributors are seeing big drops in earnings because of the new structure. The agency is benefiting from our loss. However maybe you are just talking numbers of sales rather than 'earnings'....
  9. Sadly I think that (nice as these instances are) the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow has been removed.
  10. And a brilliant port. I particularly love your cat and editorial photos.
  11. If you add another 16.5K images you may get more (as Sheila does) 😊
  12. He's an extra so no speaking lines. From memory he's in a line up when one of the royals leaves the palace and a doorman in a room Churchill is in and at a party that includes Princess Margaret. He got on the screen for those scenes. There are lots of scenes that get cut though.
  13. He loves it. Gets close to famous actors and gets to work on some lush sets. He's been in The Crown a few times 😊
  14. My husband works as an extra in films etc (in England) and he has just received his first job request for months. A series called The Nevers. They are doing Covid testing which is reassuring. So things are picking up.
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