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  1. I've just been looking at the link you pasted to your digitised photos ('Archive' thread). Great stuff. I particularly love the converging b/w railway lines. They would look good in a 'coffee table' art book...
  2. @Pavel Rumlena mentions this too above. I have read this quite a lot on the forum. I used to get a few each month but my last were in June. I am assuming this is related to the world economic decline due to Covid. They are greatly missed as they made uploading worthwhile. Time will tell if things will pick up and they start again 🤞
  3. When I read these figures on a port of 900 I am mind blown. Especially as you no longer upload. You are clearly a professional standard photographer and have great themes but nowadays I don't know if that's even possible for starters. I started uploading in numbers last year and my downloads are minute compared to yours. Having been here a number of years will (as you point out) have given you a good 'head start'. That said, albeit for dimes now, I am still selling 'old' photos for the first time. Which is pleasing.
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/developers/partners
  5. That's a really helpful and inspiring post. Thank you Alex for always being willing to share your expertise. You are a very talented photographer and would also make a good teacher 😊
  6. Happy Birthday Steven 🎂🥂🎁
  7. Thank you for the suggestion but it doesn't interest me enough. I have one in my port that was a chance encounter with no preparation time. I think that will remain the only one. I have looked at a few of your videos and I can see how you do so well with them. Very professionally made. Australia looks lovely.
  8. Thank you Milo. I am glad your sales aren't as affected by the payment changes/Covid as you might have feared. My last ODs were in June and unfortunately my last 20 downloads (ongoing) are almost invariably 10 cents with the very occasional one a few cents more. Time will tell.
  9. Thank you so much Wilm. Just as the prospect of Eternity is a solace on this long road to oblivion that is life, an equal solace shall be the prospect of an EL (eventually) on this long road paved with 10 cent coins that is being a Sstock contributor.
  10. Thanks for that Wilm. That's really cheered me up. There's something to look forward to then.
  11. I don't. I just see them. But thank you so much for your helpful advice.
  12. So true and those articles piss me off every time I see them 🤯
  13. That's my cat's name. Your dog can't have the same name as my cat. That's just wrong. Can you change your dog's name please to something more doggy. 'Rover' would do.
  14. I think you're barking up the wrong tree. I know you can't teach an old dog new tricks but really you should lap up the advice given, take the lead and walk away from your misconception. Every dog has his day. Dogs' names matter. 🐶 Woof 🐾
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