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  1. That is no reason not to protest. Protest causes change. Look at all the big changes that have occurred over history because the people affected by the actions of others stood up against them. A good C20th example with corporations is the boycott of South African goods during the 1980's as a means of directly affecting the companies that supported apartheid. Look at the various environmental agencies around the world which have effected change against corporate big business. Those who protest against perceived wrong doing, be it corporate, government, whatever, do generally (alth
  2. It's interesting that @Wilm Ihlenfeld mentions capitalism and @Oanea mentions communism. What it comes down to is power. They have real power and we have very little. The only power we have is to remove our content and who knows if it hurts us more than them. We are a satellite set adrift and forgotten, to endlessly circle planet Shutterstock. Or possibly be disabled by them if they choose.
  3. Just noticed that the forums are no longer an option from the main contributor dashboard under 'Insights' which is where it's been for years ... a sign of things to come? Or perhaps just a bug that will be sorted ... time will tell .. I am on Firefox but also tried Edge. I accessed again via Google search.
  4. @stevemart I thought the same thing. It's a concept I think Arcangel would love (and sometimes asks for)...
  5. It's an oasis of calm in a desert of madness that is Portsmouth nowadays. I'll join you but we'll need to time travel πŸ™‚
  6. I had a Victorian 'mental asylum' building sell this week for $2. The funny thing is that it's sold several times and the keywords it has been found with are 'England; hospital; building'. I hope people don't get the impression that our general hospitals look like this (although I wish they did, it's a old building in beautiful grounds in a very hectic city, being redeveloped into housing)
  7. To receive a $100 per month, you would need to sell around 1000 vectors @ 10 cents each or be lucky and receive some higher On Demand etc sales each month, which for me are far fewer than they once were and for much smaller $ (or cents) amounts. I don't sell vectors, but the other thing that strikes me about your question is that it is not how many vectors you need to upload, but how many that will sell, so hopefully someone else will be able to advise re the other section of your question (ie what to upload). You are joining at a time when it is much harder for new contributors to m
  8. Thanks to @Charles Lewis@Repelsteeltje @stevemart@Patrick Cooper and others for constantly fighting the spam 'bots' and trying to keep these forums going. You are heroesπŸŽ–οΈ Although the forums are much quieter than they once were, with far fewer regular posters, we shouldn't let them beat us. The forums should also still be available to new people seeking advice. What a pity we can't take complete control.
  9. That'll be the day. They are still there. It's just that @Charles Lewis has kindly brought some threads back up over them.
  10. That's impressive. Love your macro insect photos. @Thijs de Graaf This one will interest you πŸ™‚
  11. It is my understanding that you shouldn't sell an editorial image on a commercial licence. I believe that if you are creating a licence then it should only be an editorial one. I think that otherwise you might be responsible and could be sued. (From what you have written, this seems to be outside of an agency). It might help if you could let us know something about the subject. For example, if it's a very well known brand, I personally would avoid this like the plague.
  12. I haven't looked at her whole portfolio but I notice that she is using models. I think that's mostly what Arcangel is interested in now. If you look at their most recent uploads it's almost exclusively model photography (mostly vintage) with a few objects photographs thrown in. I hadn't uploaded for 1.5 months but just uploaded 6. These are doors and gardens. I expect them to be rejected. Unless I can use some models or have the incentive/two arms to do objects, I will probably give up.
  13. I assume that was a motivation in setting up Shutterstock Unlimited. Presumably a good proportion our 10 cent image and 25 cent video sales come from there. For info, in case anyone reading hasn't previously seen this, here is Kate Shutterstock's explanation of how they are selecting images for SU:
  14. I hoped to have caught you out Wilm as I think of you as Mr Precision πŸ™‚ By-the-way, I think you have miscounted - your figure can't possibly be around 90% 😈 Anyone with less than 20% is very welcome on this thread ....
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