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  1. Without more information than you have given @Reimar we can't make an evaluation. As NDA presumably means 'non disclosure agreement' I recommend not completing any personal details until you are absolutely certain that this is genuine (but I am sure you already know that). Scammers are incredibly devious nowadays 😞
  2. In case you aren't on Instagram @David Moreno Hernandez one of your images is featured today by Arcangel 🙂
  3. Or, with respect to mine, you could say: "I imagine they are crap, totally and utterly crap" and then you would be correct.
  4. I'm tempted Sari, very tempted ... 🙂
  5. Thank you @PlopandShoot Great explanation.
  6. Has anyone taken that link above? I think that this post might actually be a scam one with a link it's not a good idea to take. There are many of these on the forums now. The good thing is that irrespective of the intentions of the OP, it's turned out to be a very interesting thread with people involved who don't post so much nowadays. It's good to see that some long term contributors still feel positive about Sstock/microstock in general...
  7. Here it is again 🙂 This one is dedicated to @Doug Jensen who pointed out in the 'petition' thread how much he loves reading about our sales every hour 🙂 May all your sales be larger than 10 cents this month (although that's unlikely).
  8. No matter what I read, I can't get my head around NFTs. However, with work like yours ie 'art', there may be a cause for concern ...
  9. Just wondering if $4.25 is the usual rate you get for your images via Wirestock that are marked instant pay? @PlopandShoot @Alexandre Rotenberg Thinking about it, if images have hardly sold at all in the last year or so, it may be worthwhile to mark them up in this way ie for resale to 'free' sites (if $4.25 is what you get) ....
  10. That's why I give to https://msf.org.uk I feel that illness and poverty are the two things most likely to ruin lives and Medecins sans Frontiers goes into the poorest, most fractured societies (including war zones) to give the healthcare the people so desperately need.
  11. As Wirestock is mentioned in this thread as a way to earn a higher percentage with Sstock, I'll point out here that they aren't brilliant with keywords (if you choose that option). I have some dolls in my portfolio but the word 'doll' isn't included in the title or keywords. Also, I have put Latin names in the notes to reviewer which aren't included in the title or keywords and I've put 'Mute swan' in the notes to reviewer on one and the word 'mute' isn't included in the title or keywords. I've not done the keywords myself as I wanted to avoid this (although I did add notes for
  12. Yeah. That's what I thought. If they even understand the question, in my experience, any answer that may be forthcoming will be completely unrelated to the question 😭
  13. Hi Benedek. I have a Sstock contributor account and so does my husband. We each have our own PC. My understanding of how IP addresses work is that internally, each PC has its own address. However, to the outside world these 2 internal addresses are seen as one IP address as we share a router. If the above is correct, the answer is yes.
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