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  1. What does it mean when an image sells but no keywords are displayed? Did the buyer find the image in some category or was it found through related? I rarely get the keywords displayed so I wonder whether they are just bad and I could sell more with better keywords. Edit, added image.
  2. Thanks for all the answers!! Now it is clear to me: 1. that the recycling logo, according to the guidelines, shouldn't be put into images (as a test I submitted two of my images and they were accepted. Since it is against guidelines I deleted them. Also if anyone can access the logo it is easier for the designer to place the logo himself and rather devalues an image.) 2. Nasa textures/images (public domain) are allowed Nasa says this btw: Nasa
  3. Hi If I create a picture about recycling I am allowed to use the official recycling logo and sell the image as commercial. How is it with textures? For example if I want to create a sphere and map the earth's texture/map on it (thus creating planet earth), where would I find textures/maps that allow such a commercial use? or how would I know if using their texture and selling is allowed? Is it enough when they state "free download"? Thanks for your answers!
  4. Since march I don‘t submit my images in bulk anymore, instead I spread the images I have ready and submit every day a couple. The sales for April, May and June have increased a lot. Then I tried sth with seamless patterns & vectors, received a File transmission error for the whole batch. Not a single sale since then. Anyone with experience uploading daily? Or changing in sales after a file transmission error?
  5. Thx for the many replies! I found a site to compare my pictures to. Unfortunately the lens seems to be this way. The only thing I can do is increase sharpening in the jpg options or sharpen the raw file some more. It helps to a certain degree..
  6. My pictures with the 18-55mm IS STM kit lens from canon do look horrible (in terms of sharpness and detail). Is this normal? or do I have a dirty lens, some other issue? The comparison to the 50mm 1.8 stm is drastic! first image is the 50mm 1.8. Both were taken handheld with f/5.6 1/500s iso100.
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