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  1. like, loved it, wanna be friends, you deserve more subs, nice work, well done, what camera, software did you used, etc are common used phrases that is easy to spot in comments from real people if you watch Yt videos. You can hide spam user comments from channel, delete comments if not too many or even report account. The bad thing is links like "nice-gerls-date-online"dot.domain that thankfully are spotted as spam and can be bulk deleted.
  2. area: India and download links from: https://www.file-upload.com/ file sharing system I think this is not legal
  3. Called Shutterstock claiming free non watermark downloads. Who shjould we report to? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0ILuClec8bkGZWklLdBiw
  4. just for reference, they also look quite like mobile diesel air compressors http://m.jugonggroup.com/screw-air-compressor/movable-air-compressor/kscy-diesel-engine-portable-air-compressor.html
  5. The aim was supposed to win (more) customers. The contributors that you describe (including myself) will not be able to feed clients needs I believe.
  6. @CH Digital Media i think you have to inform P5 support also and ask for advice. If a client report a clip of yours as non exclusive you are the one that will have trouble, possibly facing even a termination. As long as you look forward to P5 it is better to secure your future there rather your past here. Good luck
  7. Link doesn't work. I was also wondering on Spark and it would be nice to see some accepted samples. :)
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