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  1. Have any demand for healthcare related photos? Please show your healthcare related download photos. If I will focus only on human disease then it will sell often. Please share your experience.
  2. Thanks for your kind response. Have any specific website to sell insect images except shutterstock?
  3. Sir, where I can sell insect photos? Have any other website? Can I sell photos in flickr?
  4. Hi sir, I am fine. After long time I came to shutterstock forum. Thanks for you response. It just came in my mind that if we focus on insect then how it works. Therefore i just ask questions.
  5. I have some questions that 1. have any demand for insect photos? Have any insect photographers in shutterstock community? If yes then please share your experience and show your downloaded insect photos. If we focus only on insect then will we get more downloads? Have you get any sales? Thanks in advance.
  6. narceus-americanus-on-asphalt-kalakad-600w-1189319803.webp
  7. narceus-americanus-on-asphalt-kalakad-600w-1189319803.webp
  8. Beautiful drain fly was sitting on concrete wall
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