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  1. DP just sent an email announcing ''adjustments'' in contributor royalties, starting January 18...
  2. I believe it is the same, it seems you still have to use same ftp settings for upload
  3. You have a huge portfolio on SS. Since you can't upload same photos through WS, how is that working out? And can you please compare earnings between two methods - going through SS and through WS? Do you feel your photos on WS are getting discovered easily, although everything is automated by the website? Thanks
  4. Can't figure is it Yayimages or Yaymicro? It's like the same, or not? Also, it seems they no longer accept editorial photos?
  5. Can someone please tell me, after doing this can you still access your photos in Catalog Manager? I want to do this as well ASAP, but I still need to copy all keywords and descriptions to Xpiks, since I was stupid enough not to use it before (I tagged directly on ϟϟ)
  6. I don't think I will delete my account (although I want to so much), but photos I uploaded today are the last I will ever upload on SS. I really hope AS will start accepting editorials soon. This is shameful and ridiculous at the same time.
  7. Can't recall having all six continents in the last 20 sold, so... :D
  8. Hello, Can someone please explain this to me, since I'm not experienced with US tax system: As a foreigner I downloaded the tax form 1042-S, I expect this is for my information only and the Shutterstock did what was required with the IRS? Or does it expect some action on my part? Thanks in advance
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