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  1. I think your eyes are indeed deceiving you. When looking at the image 100% (not scaled) it's clearly out of focus?
  2. Indeed, this should be the real question, focus aside. I like your photos fwiw, and think they are worth my 2 cents...
  3. Sold 15 images today. Made $3.08. With the old rates I would have made $10.80 (13 subs, 2 on demand, level 4). And then my level will be reset on january? I was going to wait and see how the new rates would work out but it seems like I don't have to. I'm by no means a professional photographer, just a hobbyist trying to earn some pocket money. It was fun while it lasted but with these rates I'm not going to bother anymore. If SS would reject my images due to limited quality I could live with that. If however the SS people think $0.10 is enough for a photo they can take their own photos and sel
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