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  1. I can't say whether you are right or not but I find I am now deleting files that sell for 10 cents even though they are among my best-selling assets. It annoys me every time and little by little my collection is shrinking. So whether they are earning more or less now is sth I can't work out but the reality is that they have annoyed a larger section of the contributor base. With so many young photographers now choosing to give their photos away the question is will SS continue to be able to rely on a steady supply of material. In comparison to other agencies the number of photos at SS seem to m
  2. Best stop uploading and try elsewhere.I ran into the same problem and coupled with sales and rpd crash it is just a waste of time.
  3. Well done! Yes, the only way to go! If they are not prepared to pay proper rates then so be it.
  4. Indeed. According to recent figures I saw the number of SS subscribers has jumped massively in recent quarters - which is where the contributor problem lies - and coupled with the new payment structure that is all one is seeing now, 10 cents an image. You would need about 5-10 on demand sales a week for it to be worth uploading new files. Unless of course you are uploading thousands of files which possibly means you don't care. I don't know enough about the market to be honest but you are right - that section of the page has changed greatly.
  5. POD ? Forgive my ignorance, what does that stand for?
  6. You ask is it worth leaving yet you continue to upload???? Why upload if you are so unhappy?
  7. Well said. The transformation is difficult to understand but as you say at this rate one is being forced to go and pull images rather than risk lost sales elsewhere.
  8. Thanks for sharing. There is only one conclusion to be drawn. If people keep uploading this dire situation / income decrease will continue. The more supply on subscription websites the worse for everyone. Nearly all image sales now are for ten cents so there is little more to be said. Everyone has to do what he or she feels is the best.Without single and OD sales I see it as a waste of time.
  9. Zilch, because levels doesn't work the way it was suggested it would. Practically everything is ten cents now.
  10. Correct! I can understand video submissions but further image uploads makes no sense given the lack of OD sales. If things change but until then....☹️
  11. Judging by initial 2021 Sales the whole new set up is close to a debacle from a contributor's point of view. It's hard to understand why anyone would continue to upload images when there are only going to be ten cents sales. The only encouragement to upload again is if there is hope of Single or OD sales. If I see that happen I may respond but if it is just going to be subscription sales it's utterly pointless. Continuing to upload is not worth the effort and just encourages all agencies in their downward spiral. I wish I could be more positive but it has become ridiculous. It's a shame really
  12. That is awful! If On demand drops that low then what's the point of it at all?
  13. Yes bitter indeed. The only options are take it or leave. It's that simple.
  14. Congratulations and a Happy New Year! Try and ignore the fact that they have demoted you 24 hours later! Or....
  15. And I respectfully disagree with you. Free platforms have been a disaster for the industry and lower contributor share is SS's reaction to the threat. It's not just that freebie sites have facilitated a race downwards in terms of payment for work it is also the fact that they contain an immense amount of below par photos. To make it worse these photos meet a need for outlets that are cash-strapped though well-off organisations and individuals also mercilessly use them. I recently looked at book covers used from such platforms and couldn't believe how bad, non-descript and dull they were.
  16. I don't want the info at all. The term "it will be interesting to see" wasn't meant literally. I was simply wondering aloud whether the combination of a Level reset plus a drift to subscription Sales only will make people move their image files elsewhere.I think video is somewhat different even if low returns are starting there too.
  17. I hit level 4 two months ago though I only offer images. It was a completely worthless, useless and frustrating change. It made little difference to my progress here. If SS can't sometimes sell our photos as worthwhile single sales then the whole new level setup is a farce.I actually don't care if they set us back to Level 1, with all sales now being low subscriptions there is absolutely no incentive to try and climb in the course of 2021.
  18. It will be interesting to see how many people are prepared to react to the new level reset by either deleting files or no longer uploading from Jan 1. Unfortunately the dominance of sub downloads now makes earning proper rewards for images impossible.It's a shame it's come to this.
  19. I fully understand what the forums are for and I didn't confuse anyone with anyone else. I have learned one or two useful things in various threads and I don't doubt the use of some of the threads but I was simply making the point that young photographers should start elsewhere in photography.
  20. No not all, but most of it.I have just made another ten cent sale at SS and each one convinces me not to upload any more material here. The less our work is valued the more reason photographers should have for not uploading. It is different of course if you are earning your living from it. That is why I recently said the best advice to young photographers is not to do Microstock. You didn't like the comment but I think they can learn good composition techniques etc elsewhere doing different work that doesn't earn ten cent a download.
  21. The worst thing is their 100 dollar limit for payment. If you want to close and delete they refuse to pay out. It's things like that remind me what a terrible business this is.Thanks for referring to them.
  22. Photo sales will be irrelevant from January. 95% of photo sales will bring in 10-14 cents a sale. There are hardly any other downloads now. For those who are happy with that then things will just continue as they are but income will be lower. Free photos on other websites are a major factor in all this.
  23. Forgive me for saying it but I think the best help for newbies is to remind them that the vast majority of image sales here are now for ten cents or a little more per photo. In other words SS will all but give their work away.
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