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  1. The interesting statistic is really the 6% decline in paid downloads. I see more and more Unsplash photos around and believe this will get worse so that eventually contributors will receive less and less as microstock struggles to cope with the glut.
  2. If you are getting better rates elsewhere I wouldn't hold my breath that this decision will be reversed...
  3. I felt the drop in contributors share would allow SS to drop prices for customers and thus increase sales??
  4. I think you are right that there will be a huge exodus of contributors soon.Even if people don't disable portfolios it makes no sense to add new work. I presume this makes midterm financial sense for the company otherwise they wouldn't do it. I thought there was going to be a huge increase in the number of downloads but that doesn't appear to be happening either...no new customers?All very puzzling.
  5. I hope you get some good news soon. Chin up.
  6. Meaning? Hard to understand your figures? How many actual sales took place to achieve these great numbers ...4?or have you put a whole lot of sales together?
  7. July will be the month that makes me leave if things don't pick up soon, my return per download has gone from 52 cents to 14!
  8. I just wondered if people have been getting ON Demand or Single and other Sales this month or have they been done away with? Am I right in thinking that the only way this new system could work from a contributor's point of view is if subs go down and On Demand sales go up?
  9. You will be waiting a long time for detail I'm afraid. Given the quality of your work and the huge number of files you have I hope you get the information you are looking for though I'm surprised you haven't gone already. I would have thought you deserved better. I can tell you my earning are down almost 80% on June and the number of downloads is all but identical. Correctly, or incorrectly, I decided to give the new SS system a chance and not leave immediately but after 10 days of July it looks as if I was wrong to do so. There is no evidence that other types of sales are going to make up for the disaster of new subscription earnings. I will wait a little longer before deciding but things would want to improve fast.
  10. I find the figure here for July 6 interesting and symbolic of the whole sorry situation. 8 different sales for the huge some of 1.05. It's offensive and boring and for those of us who decided to give SS the benefit of the doubt and only stop uploading, as I have done, a guaranteed way to make us leave altogether. Your work is really good and your number of downloads excellent given the number of images you have.
  11. Indeed they can, who knows what's right anymore?
  12. I'm Level 3 and the numbers are all the same 10, 11 or 12 cents. This is a farce in that not only is it a huge drop in income but it's also dreadfully boring. I will be very surprised if there isn't a considerable fall off in quality submissions. Why would you put good work up if it's likely to be swallowed up for a few cents? Or am I stupid?
  13. Can only confirm what David said, almost every sub since July 1 is 10 cents. This is a no-brainer...... I notice the amount of submissions is dropping......It's a pity because there were some things about the website I liked.
  14. If what you say is true (???) then literally every piece of information that contributors are receiving at the moment seems designed to drive them away.
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