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  1. Of far greater relevance than Covid to falling prices are the websites now offering free photos. If you want a photo you have a choice of at least 3 million from those that now offer them. (And I am only thinking of two such sites here) They will still be around and be bigger and more brazen after Covid.The photographers giving away their work are doing untold damage to photography, its standing and its market value.
  2. Dreadful rate per download for October. Do they really expect photographers to contine uploading in large amounts when .10 cents is becoming the norm?? It's fascinating to watch other agencies catch up on SS in terms of bulk and quality. SS were so dominant in these areas and it is now clearly changing.What a shame!
  3. You are of course correct though people who have huge collections on line stand to lose more and may feel it's worth it to keep uploading. I may be wrong but I think you will see a lot of people no longer uploading from December 31, 2020. If you read the forums you will see people still saying they just uploaded 300 images or can't understand why some shots have been rejected etc. Young photographers think they may yet make money here. The only future for income at SS is in video and that too has seen its best days.
  4. As I have stopped uploading that doesn't matter to me anymore.....but I could imagine it being annoying if that is the case. What I find much worse is the fact that I now need to have 9 photos used to earn a dollar. Think about that!
  5. Yes, the way sales are now arriving, almost at the same time and in the same tiny yet regular number and from the same countries makes me think the machine has taken over.
  6. Yes, it is unfortunate. I said some time ago that personally speaking nothing is more likely to make me stop uploading than a flow of ten cent sales. It is now the case that most sales are for ten cents and it doesn't look as if that will change.In fact it's a vicious circle ... stop uploading because of the bad terms and you can't offer good work, without good work no new sales, without new sales income collapses.......but that's the way it is now. Let's hope something changes!
  7. Indeed it is, I suspect Microstock is crashing, only videos will make sense in the future and given that there are now subscription models for those also, then they too will one day pay no more than peanuts.
  8. Rate Per Download matters on a number of levels in that the smaller it gets the more time and files are needed to keep an income figure per month coming in. Long term, a constant income is not sustainable for the vast majority of contributors if RPD continues to fall. In addition there is a point which, when reached, means many photographers will stop submitting. I think the idea of giving photos away for free as is done on some platforms is a terrible development but what incentive is there for a young photographer to join an agency if he or she gets ten cents a photo? In many ways he or she might be better off trying to get commissions via a good profile rather than paid downloads.
  9. That's a good point. You would think it should be the other way round.
  10. It would interest me to know how your rate per download has altered since June 1. Mine is down by more than 55 per cent and dropping. This is actually the most important figure for me. If it continues to drop then .....!
  11. Lucky you! My RPD is now at under 20 cents, down from 53. If one looks at the general response in the forums it is clear that the endless numbers of ten cents will end a lot of participation here. I have nothing but subs now and have no desire to upload anymore. I did some good work yesterday but I have sent it elsewhere. There is literally no point in waiting for a trickle or even a stream of small subs to add up.
  12. I doubt it, the reality is that 0.10 cents per photo is the reality.
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