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  1. Someone in the announcement forum said that Shutterstock said their 350 sub plan was the most popular. I don't know the source of that statement, but if tht's true, we can expect mostly 0.10$ in the future.
  2. I looked at the "images uploaded per week count" yesterday and today. Yesterday it was "1.229.872 new stock images added weekly" today, after the news, it's "1.230.259 stock images added weekly", so at least between yesterday and today the number seems pretty constant. I rather think they have caught up with reviews. It seems to take less than a day again, so the restriction was not necessary anymore. I honestly do not think that the new payment will have much of an impact on uploads for now. Sure, there are a few angry people who say they will disable their port or stop uploading, but what are 20,30,50 or even 100 contributors who say so compared to millions of images added weekly? They will hardly make a difference. I think a lot of people have not grasped yet that the new payment structure will mean they will get mostly 0.10-0.15$ sales in the future, because the main concern of most people complaining seems to be that their level gets reset on January 1st which really does not make much of a difference. 10cent per sale....15 cent per sale.... what difference does it really make? The sub payment is shitty even for the highes earning level. With, let's say, about 300 downloads per month, whether you are for example level 1 or level 4 makes a difference of $15 in SUB eraning. 15$ less in January is really not a big deal to me. Earning hundrets or thousands (!) of $ less through the whole year, that is what is concerning me. So, don't care much about the reset, care a lot about the overall lowering of payment, but many people seem to focus on the reset as main concern, so I don't think they understand how this might effect their earnings even at a higher level yet. Maybe when next month people will see all the 0.10$ payments come in more people will disable their ports or stop uploading. I will at least look at my earnings in June to make the decision whether it will still be worth my time to keep submitting images. I have a minimum I want to earn with an agency before it's simply not worth my time and if Shutterstock falls below that number, I will not bother uploading anymore. I know already I will make significan less, but the main question for my decision will be "how much less?".
  3. It has already been confirmed that we will get paid as if they used all images, regardless of how many they actually used.
  4. Did you look at the numbers? Even at 30% you'll still get 0.10$ only for a sub as part of the large subscription package.This is not just a hard pill to swollow for newbies, but for everyone. It's a cut in earnings by over 70%. Some people earn their living solely with microstock, some others like me might have a main job, but depend on the extra income, especially in times like this. A 70% cut in income is not something most people can get on with.
  5. We reached the part where we don't get any responses other than copy & paste text quite a few pages back already.
  6. That's because, at least with my port, around 95% of my sales are SUBs. How are the 0,15$ more I get from ODDs (assuming they come with the small package! With the larger package I will now earn less from ODDs as well!) supposed to even out anything if they are only 5% or less of my sales? It's impossible. ODDS and SODs are so rare compared to SUBs that an increase in a few cents in them, while SUBS are cut by a third, won't make a difference.
  7. Thank you! And your list is so much neater than mine!
  8. Yeah, shows me the currency in €uro. So I actually have no idea what the $ prices are. But Euro and $ are pretty close right now. I think 0,10€ are 0,12$ right now, so the list still provides at least a rough guideline.
  9. Good question! I just realized that my list is actually wrong, because i got displayed the prices in €. So, I guess not? Don't know where to find them in $, as even the English version page shows me Euro.
  10. I've put together a small list for everyone to see. On the left are the earning levels and on the top the prices for images depending on the Subscription and On Demand package from Shutterstock and in the middle what you can expect to earn from each sale. I've put the numbers lower than 0.10$ in brackets as Kate clames that will be the minimum. As you can see, with the biggest Sub package, which most likely is the most common, everyone will get 0,10$ from each sub sale, expect for level 6 with over 25000 sales. They will get whopping 0,11$ instead. EDIT: I just realized that Shutterstock shows me the prices in €, even on the English page, so the list is not showing the $, but € price... Currently 0,10€ is about 0.12$, so the list is not off by much even in the wrong currency.
  11. I am not surprised that commissions are being cut. It has been "raise to the bottom" for a long time after all. Every agency just wants to earn more by paying their contributors less and less. It was to be expected. What I did not expect was such a drastic move. Cutting commissions by 5% or 10% was what I expected. But with the new structure where I can expect 0.10$ for a sub instead of 0.36$ that's cutting my earnings by over 70%! I mean.... FREAKIN' 70%! Like this Shutterstock will become my lowest earner and unless they somehow manage to raise On demand ond Other sales drastically, they will most likely not be worth my time. I am already not someone who submits to all agencies, but just the ones that make me the most money, because tiny low-earners just are not worth it for me. It looks like in 2020 Shutterstock might not make the list anymore.
  12. It has already been answered. 0.10$ for the lowest level.
  13. Adobe Stock. The only agency that pays fair while also providing a decent number of sales each month.
  14. But at lest on Getty I am getting much more non-sub sales than on Shutterstock, while on Shuttestock I get over 95% sub sales and these are the ones that will be cut drastically. My earnings on getty are similar to Shutterstock with roughly the same number of downloads. Now. With the new Shutterstock payment structure my earnings will fall into oblivion and I can expect to earn maybe a third of what I make now. And a third of what I make now on SS - that's basically less than I make on any other agency. Getty sounds like heaven compared to what I can expect in eranings here in the future.
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