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  1. I have completed almost 1 year on SS. Happy with the numbers Hope to reach 3rd level next month! 7000 pics with 4301 downloads.
  2. Nice and Bulky start for Sept. Hope the trend continues..
  3. Add quality images and try to understand the trends and demands. You will have enough info after closely monitoring the process , lets say 3-4 months. No Advertising needed in my opinion.
  4. Hello I think 1000-1200 good pics with different themes and subjects. As Indian, you have so much to shoot and sell. All the best.
  5. Congrts Bhai. Keep it up and doing it. Many more to come.
  6. Hi, I think you need to upgrade your quality and subjects. Try to showcase best of Egypt. ( Food, Market, Street, People ect) All the best.
  7. Well, the thing i was surprised that, old pics were getting downloaded from that country. thats why i asked the question.
  8. Hello, I just wanted to ask about some recent trend which i experienced from last 2-3 weeks. As i upload pics (lets say 70 pics) from some specific country , then suddenly most of the downloads starts from that country ( mostly from old existing pics and few from recently added ones) and lets say if i upload pics from other country then there is a flow of download from that country. I just wanted to know if someone has noticed this kind of trend?? Or some experienced contributor can help me in understanding this trend. e.g I uploaded pics from Poland between 25-31.1 and from 26.1 onward i got most of downloads from poland. Then it was Hungary and same happened for that. now i uploaded pics of Israel between 8.2-16.2 and now all of my downloads are from Israel ( all downloads from last 3 days)
  9. So far, its quite normal with over 100 DLs but mostly subs.
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