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  1. Wrong title " Overhead view of an unidentified group of people bathing in the magnificent little white sandy beach with crystal clear water of Chania located in Seitan Limani in Crete "
  2. Upload 100 000 more but with better post processing, use lightroom, create better filter and think about who will buy your photos, YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS, there are millions of photos like yours and really better quality, good luck, its a competition, you need to improve your art
  3. Hello, can you please cancel the sending limit, I am a big contributor and I have several thousand photos waiting to be sent. Thanks in advance for your help Jose HERNANDEZ Editorial Press credential Release
  4. Same problem, Fox news pay me 21 cents Israeli bus driver given ‘disciplinary hearing’ for talking about Jesus | Fox News
  5. You totally right Jasmin, I decide to take this way 3 years ago when i felt something will change in the business, 135 000 photos on SS and still enthusiasm because i dont spend a lot of money and a good income, Even if i do creative photo i tag editorial Jose Hernandez Editorial press release
  6. RPD JUNE 11 AGENCIES DP $ 0.94 SS $ 0.79 P5 $ 1.94 MO $ 1.68 123RF $ 0.36 DT $ 0.51 AL $ 2.24 BS $ 0.31 IS $ 1.68 IN MAY $ 12.13 DEPAND IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF OD EY $ 0.68 AS $ 1.25
  7. In general you right, but for some generic EDITORIAL photos, you dont need to be so precise like in CREATIVE, the important point in the case you choose is VARIOUS VEG SOLD IN THE MARKET, this is exactly what the customer looking for and not potatoes, carrot or whenever, By the way i still selling a lot of this generic various veg market every day MARKET 10 240 PHOTOS https://www.shutterstock.com/g/JoseTravelChannel?searchterm=market&sort=popular PEOPLE SHOPPING MARKET 3 367 https://www.shutterstock.com/g/JoseTravelChannel?searchterm=people+market&sort=popular so this one mean i totally connected with what the costumer want to buy, for captation and keywords i use my own base build with all my selling, and its look like its work, you dont have to be in the rules but to be clever, if you want to succeed like me you should to be far from the usuel idea of captation and keywords what they looking for, my portfolio is GENERIC PRESS RELEASE so i do what the client wants since years and how he want to find it, So we dont work you and me with the same method but its not really important, sometimes i have to be SUPER precise in the captation for exemple for special event but not always, trust me And i check your portfolio few time to take inspiration, i like it, you do a good base job, now go out of the rules and improve the quantity, dont lessons people who speak only about the quality or the precise of everything, there are wrong, but lets not to share all the tips and secret from a Unusual photographer ah ah ah
  8. ah ah ah, no, I'm not a superman but after several years of practice, I set up a working method with a very good organization and tell yourself that you do not count your hours of work, this work m occupies from morning to evening but also brings a lot of pleasure, this morning 1,021,931 photos in the 11 largest micro stock agencies having visited without interruption a large number of countries, Israel, Italy, Greece, France, Netherlands, Russia , Nepal, India, Thailand, and today in Cyprus where I always apply the same method having found, created and developed my niche; and it works One day, when i will have time i will sell the method with a book but for now i dont have time to do it, sometime i meet nomad photographer like me ans lucky me we are not in competition, so maybe if I meet you in your country we can shoot together and I give you a bit of my experience D temps en temps je passe en France visiter ma famille pres de Reims, laisse moi tes coordonnées et je t appel, j adore shooter en France, voila mon portfolio France avec 23 216 photos https://www.shutterstock.com/g/JoseTravelChannel?searchterm=France&sort=popular See you
  9. I dont now, i dont do this calculation, i only look the price per download and its almost same since years but you right with a lot of photos sold JANUARY 0.42 FEBRUARY 0.65 MARS 0.61 APRIL 0.54 MAI 0.50 JUNE 0.66
  10. I am really ashamed to say that this month I earn a lot more when so many contributors have lost a lot, I am sorry for a lot of people who deserve much more than me
  11. And also you need a lot of various subject, Transportation (bus, taxi, police car, ambulance, fire engine, trucks, electric scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, boat), architecture (office, modern building, building in construction, old house, administration, historical monument, church, mosque, temple, shop, mall, port, marina), street market, vegetables, fruits, local people ( girls, man, kid), commercial sign, street sign, event (festival, gay pride, sport event, political event, religious event), strike, riot,civil war, election, crime, accident, Animals, Zoo, street cat, bird, dog, insect And more, its endless ... for each city, each country, during all the year, its a lot of work, and looking for accommodation, food, internet connection, travel connection One day i will publish a book for who one want to do it, its a lot of organisation, a big to do list, and a lot of sending to Depositphotos, Shutterstock, pond5, Mostphotos, 123RF, Dreamstime, Alamy, Bigstock, Istock, Eyeem, Adobestock, Using FTP, Lightroom, Filter, Keywording Shooting, minimum 200 photos/day with different subject minimum 5, For event between 500 and 1000 photos But after few years, its really more easy to do it
  12. Yes, same all over 11 agencies, and some photos are accepted in one and some are refused, it depends on what the agency is looking for but in any case it is the best way to diversify its work especially if you work on generic editorial photos, This morning 1,010,115 million photos online
  13. Weird, I use this word regularly for several days to define the color of an object and no problem of acceptance, I think it depends on the AI which must occasionally mess around
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