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  1. Shoot, Upload, Keywording No secret, only hard work, Im still selling quiet a lot, Check my port
  2. No way what about the graffiti, rejected by SS, but Rex SS Editorial accept them https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/images-marketing-agencies-want Ok, but how to pay the model with the small income 🤔 And most of this photos are sold in OFFSET SS not even in SS !! OFFSET SS, a photo sold minimum 279 dollars and a lot of money for the photographer Classic SS, a photo sold peanuts and peanuts for the photographer
  3. Not agree, yours photos are great !!! and suitable everywhere, i think they miss the point with you
  4. How many times has your photos been sold ? Show it !
  5. Today sold 27 photos to the same customer in Budapest
  6. It's happened to me, after 21 days your submission desapear, you upload to much photos, do like me, maximum 100 photos per day
  7. Wrong title " Overhead view of an unidentified group of people bathing in the magnificent little white sandy beach with crystal clear water of Chania located in Seitan Limani in Crete "
  8. Upload 100 000 more but with better post processing, use lightroom, create better filter and think about who will buy your photos, YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS, there are millions of photos like yours and really better quality, good luck, its a competition, you need to improve your art
  9. Same problem, Fox news pay me 21 cents Israeli bus driver given ‘disciplinary hearing’ for talking about Jesus | Fox News
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