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  1. You're absolutely right nobody here knows what the customer wants to buy, I don't count the number of times or I was told it won't sell and well here's good news, anything sells if a buyer want it, it's up to you to find your marks and listen to the advice ... but not too much either, egos are exacerbated and people are confused, go for it and do what you think is best for you and not for them !!!
  2. Shoot 10 000 more and trust me, you will sell, be patient and ad non stop, i still selling a lot of this kind of photos and some of mine are so bad, but its about what the customer need so dont worry, and enjoy to shoot !!! José Hernandez 154,824 stock photos
  3. " You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content." Hey Shutterstock, Can you tell us when the limit will be removed ? Not yet submitted 4281 Thanks
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