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  1. It's probably not greed, it is the result of selling products at a too low price over a long period of time --
  2. Dear Sir, dear Madam, reference is made to your e-mail dated May 26, 2020 as below. I herewith terminate all contractual relationship with you. Pursuant to Article 4 / d. of the Contributor Terms of Service you are requested to terminate my account within 30 (thirty) days from now. Kind regards joachim affeldt
  3. Apart from the contractual stipulations there existed a rule in serious business circles that actions and/or omissions have to take place on a "bona fide" basis --
  4. "Fresh" ??? Most of my sales are images taken much more than one year ago and you know exactly that the same applies to most other contributors --
  5. How red turns your face when writing USD 0.10 ?????
  6. This is silly, illogical and utterly unfair; it is unethical and unmoral -- Shutterstock is bluntly cheating their long time business partners; people who work hard for the benefit of SS -- If they want to go this way remuneration percentages should be calculated in a fair and decent manner based on the total download number of the previous year -- It is Shutterstock themselves arbitrarily frustrating longstanding business relationships --
  7. I can't perceive your point -- Would you draw a justification for unethical journalistic behaviour from the fact that some or many journalists don't behave ethically correct ? That's utter nonsense and beyond the limits of any logics or common sense --
  8. You take the words right out of my mouth, journalistic ethics is the key word --
  9. Sold the copyright of a particular image only once and that was at USD 9,000.- --
  10. Reads like an encyclopedia entry rather than a photo caption ("is a") ("it consists") --
  11. The lingua franca within our scene is English and that makes a lot of sense --
  12. Predrag is absolutely right and that should give you a reason to think over what you upload and what you should refrain from uploading; try to go for quality --
  13. Just curious, from what location did you take your pictures of Tanjung Priok Jakarta port ? Came in there and sailed from there quite a number of times by ship --
  14. Thanks for your input -- My thoughts about your proposal could be summarized with a name: "Vincent van Gogh" --- Whereas i think that limiting the numbers of uploads for contributors - one way or the other - is a good and reasonable approach --
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