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  1. Thanks for the replies. I think some of the responses got a little sidetracked, which is to be expected given what's happened recently. I'm currently making better money with the new structure since I am getting a lot of sales also in the .50 to 2 dollar range. That doesn't excuse what's happened, and I understand why many have boycotted them, just saying personally I am not seeing impacts thus far. My point was -- is Shutterstock now rejecting everything? What gets approved these days? IF someone were to continue uploading, and ignoring all the other reasons someone may determine it's not worth their effort, would there be any point and can we just expect continual blanket rejections? Is there something in writing that reflects this new review approach they are taking?
  2. Honestly? Every photo I send in now is rejected within 20-60 seconds. Every single one. It's always the same 3-4 reasons about grain or focus. I don't have an amazing camera, and I don't pretend to be an amazing photographer. I have a modest portfolio and I make modest money. But I have enjoyed uploading photos and seeing what sells. And in the past the majority of my photos have been approved. Now nothing is approved. Would a better camera give me a chance of getting some approvals? What's happened here? Have they raised their technical standards, or are there just blanket rejections? A frustrated contributor
  3. It's ridiculous. Batches of photos that would be approved are now all rejected for noise or focus. I am beginning to hate this site whereas before it was my favourite stock photo site.
  4. Almost everything is getting rejected whereas before almost everything was approved. I've had 26 in a row rejected.. but all the other sites I upload approved the same photos by and large. I will send 6 photos, get them back in 1 second, and they are all rejected for different reasons. I see others are suffering from the same processes. Is this the new norm? It's pretty brutal.
  5. When I click the 'three dots' beside the keywords section in the edit content section of a photo, there's no option that pops up to let you click on 'copy keywords' Is anyone else experiencing this? I can't copy the keywords anymore it seems. Is this a temporary glitch? chris
  6. Like it gives you the option to 'copy keywords' -- why would it allow you to copy the keywords only to paste them back as one massive word instead of that original collection of keywords?
  7. It's never been an issue to copy directly from the shutterstock catalogue manager or rejected photo and re-paste into a new photo to submit. Never ever. And I've done it hundreds of times, probably thousands. Until this morning, that is.
  8. As of this morning, when I copy and paste keywords from an outside source, or a previously rejected photo I have modified, the whole list of keywords is entered as one massive keyword instead of the numerous keywords I had pasted. Never had this problem before. Anyone else experiencing this? I presume it's a technical glitch?
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