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  1. Hello Veterans, Below are my numbers so far.. First Photo Uploaded in July 2018 100 th Photo approved yesterday, a total of 105 today.. Out of 105, 39 photos have been downloaded so far, few been downloaded more than once, and a total of 91 downloads as of now.. Yet to reach the (minimum) first payout. Please take some time to review my portfolio, and let me know the positive points and the negative points. Your suggestions/feedback means a lot to me.... Thanks... Have a good day ahead...
  2. Hello all... I've a query.. What displayed on the (Nikon D5500) camera display looks bit different when viewed on the Acer laptop screen, again when the same laptop is connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia television for editing.. that comes up with different Contrast, vividity and color temperature... After editing keeping television quality as base... The same looks different on different screen... It looks different in Motorola and then in iPhone... And definitely it's going to be different again when it gets printed.. The Question is this how you guys tackle this situation and what you guys make the base.. How to calibrate the display of my laptop so as to give the actual colors and it's effects... PS : of the television display modes... I keep that at "Photo Standard" and not vivid or something like that...
  3. Thanks for your time... I'll b keeping this in mind from now on nd will edit previous ones...
  4. Thanks, the doubt just got cleared... Thanks for your time
  5. Thanks, I'll keep this in mind next time... I did that so that the image could be used either way...
  6. I just started the stock photography last month (July 2018). Started photography as a hobby. Came to know about SS and gave it a try. To my great surprise, I got some downloads also.. I want suggestions, comments and constructive critiques from the veterans and experienced persons in this field. Where should I improve ?? As of now got 8 downloads on 7 photos out of 38 photos in portfolio.. Device : Nikon D5500 Lens 18-55mm kit lens
  7. Beautiful Landscape of Indian Konkan Region comprising Mountains, River and Blue Sky

    © Ashish Kumar

  8. Hindu Mythology God Lord Ganesha Souvenir

    © Ashish Kumar

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