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  1. Hi Antonio, Welcome to the forum. You sell them like any other image, do the work, post and get accepted and hope for the best. Build your port with your best work, learn from your rejections and keep going. Best of luck, stay safe and have some fun with it.
  2. Welcome aboard, you’re off to a good start, some very nice work, congratulations on your first sale
  3. I did look at them, the only difference between the two is the dpi, the 3000 dpi will produce a better print than the 72 dpi one, if indeed it is 3000 dpi instead of 300 (I'm thinking that was a typo), at 3000 good luck finding a printer that can do 3000 dpi, I've seen them support up to 1200. The highest I've ever pushed an image for a large scale print is 600 dpi.
  4. Delete the one that's there and re-submit.
  5. I still think you're confusing the two. Your saving out a jpeg in pixels per inch, file size would decrease if going from 300 ppi to 72 ppi. When talking dpi monitors/web viewing is at 72 dpi to keep things quick, you'd use 300+ dpi for printing purposes to avoid having pixelated prints. Here's a screen shots from PS: 300ppi and 72ppi, note the scales in the document window. When these two files were saved out to jpegs the 72ppi file was reduced to 856 KB while the original 300ppi file saved out at 17.7 MB. 300 ppi 72 ppi Note the number of pixels across
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