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  1. Most of my sales are subs and I took a big hit as there were no rise in the amount of downloads. On the contrary May was much better. There were 21 sales this mont and my revenue is just $2,1 instead of $5,25. In short, %60 less that before. I am moving my port to several other sites and I'd be gone after I complete this task.
  2. I totally agree. There must be a bottom line but as an editor distributing texts to translators, I must confess there is none. My boss forces me to offer wages that I feel offended to express but there's abundance of people willing to take these offers. It's so sad to see this. Money speaks and soft hearts loose, they say. It's the same thing we're going through.
  3. We should do that. Well, I sadly still couldn't but I plan to as soon as I finish uploading my work to other agencies.
  4. I have a question though, would you please inform me on how to manage editorial content at LR? (If you do know an article, etc., I willing to read, too) And do you upload all your content to every other platform with FTP or do you use another software such as Stock Submitter or a web service such as Microstock Plus? Thank you very much for your support.
  5. I don't upload anymore, so no rejections and I am happy. I plan to disable my port at the end of June as well.
  6. Uploading my content to other sites and I am still here only for my tags. As soon as I'm done, I'll be gone.
  7. I stopped uploading as well and adding all my photos to Alamy right now. After I'm done, I'm done with SS.
  8. Thank you very much for your guidance.
  9. I started moving my port but is there any easy way to transfer all our photos to other stock agencies? Thank you in advance.
  10. We should all stop. That's the only way.
  11. 10c is ridiculous... I won't upload anymore, get paid and move on.
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