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  1. i did this, doesn’t seem to work. or do i need to wait some time?
  2. who’s going to join the strike for monday? I’m switching of my portfolio now!
  3. I understand. Pond5 didn't start with images, but I believe they will grow. So there is an opportunity there. Personally I buy all my images at Pond5, because it's just so very, very easy. And I don't mind paying 15-25 bucks for an image. (I've seen awesome images for 150 bucks) but that I will only buy if a client really, really wants it. But for now then don't go Exclusive (still earn 40%) and stay at Adobe aswell. Or create an exclusive portfolio at Pond5 and a non- exclusive. + Adobe. Gives you at least 3 possible streams of income.
  4. I don't understand why everyone is recommending Adobe. Don't get me wrong. I love Adobe. But you can't set your own prices. they still pay less than the 40% non exclusive at Pond5 and nothing beats the exclusive programme at Pond5. Why does no one recommend Pond5??? And Pond5 and Adobe work together!!! Sell through Pond5 at Adobe and you earn more than selling directly at Adobe... HELLO. Oooh and for buyers they have the best indemnification. You can sell any type of video ar image (including vectors). And Shutterstock was a good income for me, but it really does not beat pond5. Adobe is nice
  5. I don't think management will listen to these cries of us. The won't reverse it because management does not listen to their workers. Even if workers strike they hardly ever listen. why? Because they have to be right. And if a worker knows better then why do we need management? So we end up in te situation of extremes. Either you bend the knee and accept this. Or you fight back by ending your account. If enough of us do this, then Shutterstock will fall. If they survive and thrive then you will know you were worthless to begin with and that you should do something else inste
  6. exactly! start your own shop! Use your creativity to its full extend!
  7. The people responsible: https://investor.shutterstock.com/board-directors These are the people that treat you worthless. Remember their faces, remember their names.
  8. I’m committed now: https://www.shutterstock.com/nl/g/DIRKVANDERVENMEDIA/video
  9. Are there any people here who at least earn a few thousand a year? If a few 100 or even a 1000 of us quit, the SS will loose thousands of clips and maybe a few million in revenue. Will it hurt the SS? I don’t know. My gut feeling is saying that this ship is sinking. And for now 60% and setting my own price never looked more attractive. Think about it. This is not greed. This is desperation. P5 and adobe work together. All other stock agencies earn pocket money. SS was the only reason not to go exclusive. And it’s time to start up your own shop and we need to set up an overarching start page si
  10. I can’t believe I’m going to delete my account in a few days... All those years of hard work did not pay off. Is there somewhere we can find who is working in management? Black list them. Whenever I see their name somewhere...You won’t see me.
  11. Is it correct that you can only make 20 sets? I can't seem to make more...
  12. Now it's working great! I was eagerly looking forward to this function. Just have to wait a little longer for sets to go public.
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