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  1. 15 hours ago, Stacie C said:



    I am new here and have had a few photos downloaded so far.  If I have selfies that I have taken selfies using tripod/selfie stick and timer, thus making me the model, do I need to submit a model release?  I filled out a release with me as the model and me as the photographer but the pics were rejected.  Any help would be appreciated!


    Yes, you do need a model release even if you're both the model and photographer.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Maxal Tamor said:

    Well, maybe you should study a little biology…

    I honestly doubt that you need to study any biology to realize that an animal will not "be happy" to get locked in a fridge. It's not just about temperature.

    I live in Mallorca, it's really hot and we suffer with a high % of humidity. That doesn't mean that if you lock me inside a fridge I'll be happy. Yes, the temperature would be really nice, but not the feeling of been imprisoned.

  3. 5 minutes ago, D. Pimborough said:

    Ever asked a frog? All living creatures have the ability to react to pain or discomfort and will become stressed and will want to move away from stressful stimuli.  Taking a animal out of its environment placing it in an alien environment and subjecting it to handling will have an affect on it.

    The fact that a creature is an invertabrate or amphibian or reptile does not make it any less able to suffer and become stressed.


    Hence the child, cat dog analogy

    I  couldn't have said it any better ?

  4. 7 minutes ago, Desiree Fabian said:

    So, here I am reviewing my first month since submitting to SS, what I learned so far and my not so realistic stats (beginner, amateur photograph):

    - Joined exactly 1 month ago on 12. June 2018 and applied with 1 picture, that one got accepted (don´t do that, if you submit for the first time: go ahead with directly 10 possible images! I only got lucky, otherwise my start would have been delayed)
    - I got around 800 accepted pictures now (But I have duplicates of the same topic and sometimes they are looking very alike --> don´t do that either, focus rather on diversity)
    - Around 1/3 of submitted pictures are getting rejected due to focus issue reasons, some due to non english text in my pictures (for example Street signs) or intellectual property of holy mountain areas (Yeah, stupid reason --> Will upload them as editorial in that case) and some were indeed a bit blurry (bad ISO settings)
    - To keep you encouraged: start with your favourite pictures that show potential

    - Should have diversity of capture (angles) and topics/themes
    - Should have qualitative and unique pictures
    - Landscapes unfortunately don´t sell good (in my opinion till now)
    - Catching moments sell! --> Go for an atmosphere and a meaning or special moment
    - don´t only upload existing photos from travels on your hard drive
    - Rather go through your city/ house/ cabinets and take pictures ON PURPOSE (almost nothing "old" sold in my case, newly taken pics from the weekend showed a lot of potential and sales after the direct upload so far) and of EVERYDAY THINGS
    - keywords are KEY --> do the picture description and the keywords very properly and think outside of the box: sell a feeling, not the pic

    - Sales in 1. week: 1
    - Sales in 2. week: 1
    - Sales in 3. week: 1 (started to shoot first time ON PURPOSE last weekend and uploaded them this Monday)
    - Sales in 4. week: 10 (10 pictures within 2 days of getting the weekend pics shoot uploaded and submitted, 2 of them from that exact shoot sold directly)
    Summa Summarum: 
    Sold pictures in total: 13 --> 4.88 USD

    - Food: Colorful Soup and tea
    - Animals: Special and rare animals (dolphins, whale, desert goanna reptile)
    - Atmosphere and Uniqueness: Scenic landscape with a person sitting on a bench, people walking on a hiking trail through mountain region, special places landscapes (Cradle mountains Australia, Bay of Fires Australia), 
    - Background: ordinary stone background

    1x On demand
    12x standard subscription 

    11 unique pictures, 1 picture sold twice

    => Hope that may help beginners ?

    Desiree, two things:

    1. Thanks a lot for the post! plenty of info in there. For example now I know that I shouldn't upload the photos that I have of street signs/names in Spanish
    2. Congrats on uploading over 800 images in your first month!!!!

    I think having 13 sold was really good to start with. Next month I should start uploading, but I honestly doubt I'll be able to manage half of you what you've submitted. May I ask how many hours you had to spend roughly?

    Best regards,


  5. 20 minutes ago, paula french said:

    I average downloads of 8% of my port monthly.  Mainly subs with a few SOD or ODD - very rarely an EL.

    SOD: 1(British English, taboo, slang) used to refer to a person, especially a man, that you are annoyed with or think is unpleasant 

    ODD: 1(British English, taboo, slang) strange or unusual

    EL: 1(British English, taboo, slang) nothing found in the Oxford Dictionary

    I tried Google Translate but I couldn't find the SS to British English mode ?


    BTW, I just checked your portfolio: WOW!!! I love those animal shots, I envy you for being there

  6. 4 hours ago, PhilipR said:

    Why would you want to even submit other than editorial?

    This show is a persons art work and creation...if you were to even get it through as license piece...just think about it you are allowing someone to profit off of his art work without his consent.  This would be the same of someone taking a picture of your photo and selling it.

    If you had a model in front of him and he was out of focus but set the background as an unidentified street performer you would be more appropriate.

    Pardon if I am overly frank...but lots of those requests in the forum lately.  

    All of that said it is a nice photo and should do well in editorial.

    Thanks a lot for the reply PhilipR .

    This is actually not my photo, just a random one I picked from Google Search. My computer died last week, so it'll be a few days until I can upload my own.

    But I have very similar photos to this one, and that's whey I was asking. I didn't want to go through Lightroom, submitting them, and then find out that they're not accepted.

    And BTW, I really appreciate when someone is overly frank ?. It's not the same if someone comes to me and tells me that my bald patch looks really bad from behind, and I'd better just trim my hair shorter; that if you come to me and just make fun of me for becoming bald.

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