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  1. Do you mean that this particular image was downloaded 11 times in July?
  2. Yes, you do need a model release even if you're both the model and photographer.
  3. I'm thinking about shooting some detail photos of some horse carriage and maybe some footage. It'd be just the carriage and the horse, never a person. As long as I don't get the license plate from the carriage, would it be OK to submit this material or would it have to be only as editorial? Anyone has any experience with it? Thanks in advance
  4. I honestly doubt that you need to study any biology to realize that an animal will not "be happy" to get locked in a fridge. It's not just about temperature. I live in Mallorca, it's really hot and we suffer with a high % of humidity. That doesn't mean that if you lock me inside a fridge I'll be happy. Yes, the temperature would be really nice, but not the feeling of been imprisoned.
  5. Agreed 200%. Of course I also happen to be vegan, so there's no way I'd do that to an animal (photograph or no photograph, which I see as cheating).
  6. I'll try, thanks! Before submitting I'll probably post around here for critics ?
  7. OK, thanks. I have some watercolors that I'd like to upload, but I'm not sure if I should use my cheap Canon scanner or my dSLR.
  8. Is that hand painted watercolor, then photograph or scan? or did you do it directly on the computer?
  9. Sir, you have a beautiful port ? May I ask what lens-camera you use for landscaping?
  10. Desiree, two things: Thanks a lot for the post! plenty of info in there. For example now I know that I shouldn't upload the photos that I have of street signs/names in Spanish Congrats on uploading over 800 images in your first month!!!! I think having 13 sold was really good to start with. Next month I should start uploading, but I honestly doubt I'll be able to manage half of you what you've submitted. May I ask how many hours you had to spend roughly? Best regards, Fernando
  11. Thanks Desiree So SOD is a "standard subscription", ODD is a "on demand" subscription and EL would be "enhanced subscription", right?
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