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  1. I feel you man, shutter is a pyramid scheme, the lower you go the less money you get and the less they care.
  2. Because although the´re are cool people at shutter, the company right now as a whole, is anarchy. As you can tell, there is no clear vision of the future for none of the parties involved, thus rejections for no good reason, inconsistent sells, contradicting information etc. "Lack of a clear vision."
  3. I have been wise then to stay away from here since the price cuts. Seams to be worse than ever.
  4. You guys you know, I was shooting yesterday I realized I had´nt made any photos since the 10 cts announcement, I mean I uploaded stuff to adobe and nothing here but just nothing really new. I now realize how much I was impacted and demotivated overall, heck in December I even got a gimbal for my DSRL...I was motivated and now feel drained and disappointed, foolish I´d say.
  5. Its all I get! had some 5 maybe 21 cts or 2 dollare pays but thats all, so far for instance I got 19 10 cts in a row.
  6. I only upload to adobe right now, they are the only ones that are making my day. My 2 cts.
  7. I´ve made a few sales as usual but were talking 10cts, I mean basically nothing to see here.
  8. Interesting, so I was right then. They´re just milking the cow and the company as we speak is being auctioned off at wallstreet and eventually will find a new owner. Something must be very wrong with the books, this looks bad.
  9. All this sounds great! anyone know if Arcangel works with payoneer?
  10. Yeah I noticed that´s been happening... Posts seam to disappear.
  11. Exactly! I don´t know anyone either! even phones are expensive tools, they don´t come cheap.
  12. Interesting topic that confirms my suspicion, shutterstock has way but way less images in they´re library than they are reporting and the number of images displayed are being pumped up illegally. The number of images and videos pulled by contributors must be massive!!!
  13. Hey this is new and great I think my content could work there! Does Arcangel accept payoneer as a payout method? thanks for sharing this info!
  14. this site is going to be the hi5.com of stock sites, scam and spam.
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