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  1. This looks like a gigantic ponzi scheme but with photos.
  2. Video still there I notified youtube but this is gonna get around people gonna be downloading for free.
  3. I tried looking this up on facebook but can´t find it, do you have a link? its crazzy whats going on....
  4. Wish I knew what it all means, the payoneer blog says its all good that our money is safe but the email says: "WE believe that funds are properly safeguarded" but that "we believe sounds wishi washi.
  5. Damn what the heck? just got the email, Im in a country that does not accept paylpal withdraw to card function otherwise I would be using paypal from the start.
  6. For someone that big, they probably merged they´re content with some other big company or like you say went exclusive.
  7. Interesting but I have close to 900 images and been a photographer for 10 years plus. But I won´t reply to anymore of your comments since you just out to pick people.
  8. Since you´re new you haven´t figured out that there are very smart people out there, and those people figured out around 2007 that the way to make it big is to gather a group of talented people and start a production company like the case of monkey business in the UK. They produce high quality video and photo content on a mass scale so for them sales under the new structure keep them going. It´s the amateur and lone photographers like me that are in trouble. Then theres other smart guys like the black box guys that create a bigger filter of content for MS. I thought of joining but they only work with paypal. The big picture if for high quality mass content maintenance and constant creation.
  9. I feel ya. Its crazy. Sad I had for a year my hopes based on this site. But now I´m busy working with other sites, my advantage is all I learned here and so my new portfolios are looking pretty good elsewhere.
  10. It´s not a matter of winning, its a matter of time. Theres a time to express yourself and a time to suck it up. This is the time to say how you feel about it, tomorrow what you say about this won´t matter anymore. Unfortunately companies make there decisions and place they´re bets. My guess is that adobe stock is going to take the lead because no one can compete with the quality and integration they have in they´re platform anyway. So regardless of weather shutter changes payment structures again and creates new amazing incentives I think they accept that the battle is lost so they are making as much as possible before someone like Getty buys them out.
  11. crazy, Mine took 3 days to go offline completely. Dont plan on changing it back cause it just hurts to see 10 cts. It feels really bad.
  12. You can dissable but you can also work with other stock sites with your best content, that makes more of an impact.
  13. I dissabled my account and my images still show, I asked them about it and they claim it takes 3 days. So well your experiment maybe did´nt take this in to consideration.
  14. Adobe stock is the way of the future. I dreamt of making it big here un shutter and was exclusive till last year, I wised up!
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