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  1. Hi a bit off topic here, but are review times taking days to get done for images and videos as of late? been a while since I uploaded...
  2. Checked out your port! I am Italian myself, My dad was from Abruzzo, I was born in Turin so I´m like from all over the place! haha if you want I can switch to Italian. I currently don´t live in Italy because I found to find work so had to go to centralamerica which is where my from is from. I looked at your port, you have a good eye, I would shoot more typical foods and stuff from Abruzzo, like Timballo etc. Those do sell from time to time Try to think more in a commercial sense its hard but pays off over time. I sell mostly pictures and my portfolio is small but am trying to be s
  3. Interesting how people here speak freely. At adobe stock I can´t find one topic that explains anything. Or anyone talking about how for one month sales have dropped to zero! It looks like they delete every post.
  4. Thank you for sharing, I understand some are heavily invested in shutter, they got thousands some millions of images and that was they´re mistake for investing it all here. My month has been nothing but 10 cts sales and even that has declined by my efforts are elsewhere. Other sites pay more, my efforts are make sense and like you will see once you do enough research pond5 is pretty great place to work on. I left istock in 2008 because the forums were bad, people rude, it was horrible pay and left it. And now look at em?
  5. Check out truspilot.com, seams like a scam site, you have to pay monthly and anyone can still your content by taking a screen shot. They in theory pay .004 of a cent per view which is ridiculous.
  6. Hey last year, I made a whole $25 bucks here!, they withheld $7 in taxes.
  7. Thing to consider here, is the problem I had with dreamstime and reason why Im not there anymore. They took my content sent an email I never noticed that said that if I didnt reply it would be moved on to another site that they own called stockfreeimages.com where they charge people to be members and give away your work as "creative commons" and pay you nothing in return. That is why I am wary of this sites and only work with partners that are transparent such as pond5. This site dosent do much for me and will eventually remove everything like everyone else is slowly doing. Best
  8. This is where I believe the problem lies in there being no regulation for what people are making and how they are getting paid online. This is a UN matter where if they were doing they´re jobs they would tend to the matter of online work exploitation being run by many companies such es amazon for instance.
  9. I havent really uplodead much to SS, it dosent make sense business wise, I upload my best to adobe and pond5, thats where the money is currently. Untill SS decides to go back to the old model of payment I cannot consider this a serious business proposition.
  10. His name is Doug Jensen, this is the forum talk where he discuses how well hes doing:
  11. wow cause theres these guy around here sometimes says hes making 2 grand a month on shutter with 8K amount of videos in his port... Well maybe things are different this year.
  12. Hope I don´t seam to be getting in to whats none of my business but with 12K videos uploaded shouldn´t you be making amazing sales?
  13. Cool I understand, I was theorizing that maybe you could be making twice as much as exclusive over there. But those things can be dependent on time as the search engines give you higher exposure as you go and upload and as sales occur.
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