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  1. Man i disabled my video portfolio when I got .25 cts. I get paid more elsewhere.
  2. Didnt get one at least not yet.
  3. K! got paid! but was deducted 29.99 for yearly payoneer maintenance 😅 so oh well. Least I got paid haha
  4. If you are a hobbyist fine. Leave the rest of us alone.
  5. When did they pay the last time it took this long?
  6. This industry as a whole lacks a sense of direction or common business sense. They have no idea of how value is created or what customers consider to be of value. So all they do is drive business to the ground.
  7. Well its the best way to implement it. After 12 months it goes back on sale, they are paying you so its not like for free for you. Also being in free section to me makes sense cause if they want other angles or variants then they have to pay. So for me its really good but for Adobe it just says that they are in it for the money and are desperate which is what devalues all of us there and here for that matter as it is a cheap photo site.
  8. Nothing here. Usually got paid around the 7 o 8
  9. Well if its as you say, you should have the original cgi files. That should be your proof. As it stands his files look cleaner than the originals.
  10. Videos are tough cause there is no raw format that is generally used...
  11. Yeah and thing that bothers me the most everywhere, is that you dont learn anything from it. It´s just a we dont like it or agree with you. Period.
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