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  1. Yes, I created a set for phone pictures for SS. Edited and tagged them lightly on the pc though, for me on the phone directly I would need to spend more time doing that plus I cannot submit so easily to different platforms. Didn´t track them on other platforms though, but phone pictures sell even on A***Y, would just have to track them differently then by hand then, that´s why I didn´t do it. Blur is still difficult with my phone, at least not entirely how I would like it to look like. But overall my dslr camera is eigher quite shitty or my phone really good.
  2. Experiment: Within the last year from May 2019 till now, I submitted 100 pictures taken by phone to see Myself on how they were/ were not selling: crossed over 100 USD in total yesterday with them with 199 downloads, a bit under average return per download compared to my overall portfolio. Tiny money milestone, I am aware of it but that wasn’t the point of this milestone for me. It is not that even phone pictures wouldn’t sell. Everything sells as long as it is valuable/ gives value in any kind.
  3. If you already experienced Yaymicro, why did you sign up again under YayImages? Apparently, they renewed Only their Name...
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