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  1. Im also having problems finding my footage. i cant find it even when I look up my name. can you guys see my footage?
  2. nice to know. I just orderd the yi 4k not the 4k + so im gonna be shooting lots of 1080 120p video. i dont shoot 4k cause my computer can barely handle even 1080.
  3. I cant see my video. i actually only have one but its gone. any one else having this issue or is it just me?
  4. Take pictures of interesting stuff where you work but without getting fired. so only when the boss goes to town that's how I do it.
  5. I like how you think. everybody in my community is basically a redneck. we have no cops here neither because the Government has taken all rights away from the cops around here unless there is a drug deal or a murder which happens once every 30-40 years so I cant remember it ever happening. So nothing needs to be official and that's why the people who organize the events dont go under a business name but here is a link to some stuff they post on face book https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arrow-Raceway/1429330930640129
  6. but he is the owner of the track. he calls me when there is a race so I can take pictures. he is the one in charge and he is my friend he will gladly help me to upload my pics if I want a letter he will give me a letter. but there is no company having to do with this stuff so maybe I just have to give up on my favourite subject.
  7. Unfortunately we were unable to approve the credentials you provided. is what SS said. lol. retry is coming up. I'm just wondering. how do they know if the person who will send me a letter is the organizer? He is but there is nothing really official that says he is.
  8. I think im gonna try and make credentials that say im a freelance photographer and see if that works.
  9. I have never done anything official so Let's say I go to an event planning to shoot some sport and at the gate you I get a pass for photography or whatever it is. How does it look and first of all who makes it cause I need someone to give me one or something. I actually don't even know where to submit it on SS I'm just gonna go check that now.
  10. I cant quit understand if i have to have a press credential or if it can work to just upload a photo of a letter from the organizer
  11. I am the person in charge of photography at some of the events and I've never heard of press credentials till now but I live in the country there is no news or press or anything of the sort around here, but I heard about a letter from the organizer is that all I need for my pics? if so How should it look? I want to show it to the main person in charge so he can send me a letter.
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