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  1. Eduard Lavdor

    I have a lot of copies of my works

    Good afternoon, I have a lot of copies of my works in the portfolio, you can look in my portfolio, what can I do to remove the copies?
  2. Eduard Lavdor

    I accidentally deleted my work from the portfolio

    I wanted to delete the sets, I do not know how to delete them! I thought if I delete the work of their set, then the set will retire, but the work has disappeared, and the sets have remained! I'll upload the work on a new one! And how do I remove the sets?
  3. Help, I accidentally deleted my work from the portfolio, what should I do? how can I get them back?
  4. Eduard Lavdor

    large size of shadows

    Please tell me how to do this? I recently mastered the program, you can describe how to do it, by stage, or attach screenshots
  5. Eduard Lavdor

    large size of shadows

    Dear friends, I make shadows in my works with the help of object-blend, but because of the many such shadows my works have the size of 200-700 mb, how should I make shadows for my works weigh to 15 mb?
  6. Eduard Lavdor

    Model Release Required

    Tell me, what does this mean? I can not understand what is required of me, you can describe in detail! I uploaded a video Model Release Required: A model release is required for this clip, or additional model releases are needed.
  7. Eduard Lavdor

    File Transfer Error

    tell me what this means? Not loading the file " File Transfer Error: Please check your file and resubmit"
  8. Eduard Lavdor

    buy icons

    Hello everyone, tell me! If I buy icons on any site of the stock, can I use them in my work business infographics, and upload to the site?
  9. Eduard Lavdor

    disappeared illustrations

    Hi, uploaded 6 images for review, after 5-7 hours 5 images disappeared from the "Pending approval". They are not active, where the illustrations could have been lost? Notifications and errors did not come, just disappeared illustrations