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  1. I installed the Mirazon, but such a codec did not appear in the list, can you tell me in more detail how to do this?
  2. Clip potentially contains content that infringes on intellectual property rights (artwork, isolated modern architecture, text, etc.). why not take my video? what does it mean ? What needs to be changed? video that was not accepted social.mp4
  3. I uploaded about 8 videos to my portfolio, but when I go to my portfolio, only the image tab shows no video
  4. Eduard Lavdor

    I have a lot of copies of my works

    Good afternoon, I have a lot of copies of my works in the portfolio, you can look in my portfolio, what can I do to remove the copies?
  5. Eduard Lavdor

    I accidentally deleted my work from the portfolio

    I wanted to delete the sets, I do not know how to delete them! I thought if I delete the work of their set, then the set will retire, but the work has disappeared, and the sets have remained! I'll upload the work on a new one! And how do I remove the sets?
  6. Help, I accidentally deleted my work from the portfolio, what should I do? how can I get them back?
  7. Eduard Lavdor

    large size of shadows

    Please tell me how to do this? I recently mastered the program, you can describe how to do it, by stage, or attach screenshots
  8. Eduard Lavdor

    large size of shadows

    Dear friends, I make shadows in my works with the help of object-blend, but because of the many such shadows my works have the size of 200-700 mb, how should I make shadows for my works weigh to 15 mb?
  9. Eduard Lavdor

    Model Release Required

    Tell me, what does this mean? I can not understand what is required of me, you can describe in detail! I uploaded a video Model Release Required: A model release is required for this clip, or additional model releases are needed.
  10. Eduard Lavdor

    File Transfer Error

    tell me what this means? Not loading the file " File Transfer Error: Please check your file and resubmit"
  11. Eduard Lavdor

    buy icons

    Hello everyone, tell me! If I buy icons on any site of the stock, can I use them in my work business infographics, and upload to the site?
  12. Eduard Lavdor

    disappeared illustrations

    Hi, uploaded 6 images for review, after 5-7 hours 5 images disappeared from the "Pending approval". They are not active, where the illustrations could have been lost? Notifications and errors did not come, just disappeared illustrations