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  1. This means that the SS level system is a hoax. In fact, they have reduced prices so that we can make a profit, and we who and which entire base we are left with are worth nothing.
  2. Okay. I reached level 2 a long time ago. But so far I get payments for 10 cents. I wrote the SS and got an answer. It turns out because customers buy a small base it depends on it and the payment depends. This means that no matter what level you reach, you will still have 10 cents, except for those who have purchased a large base. What is the purpose of the level here?
  3. Let’s have self-esteem and stop doing it for free. The pandemic crisis has affected us all, but the SS is trying to make up for those who are building its business. This is wrong and exploitative. Therefore, I call everyone to stop loading new jobs.
  4. It is complete nonsense and exploitation of the people on whom the SS lives. Maybe we are all on strike? Let’s all stop loading. Everyone will post it on any forum to join as many as possible ..
  5. Agree. It is stupid steps from SS. More income for SS and nothing for contributors
  6. Everyone seems to be different. Some have fallen, and some are lucky. Apparently my portfolio is not suitable for this time period
  7. Hello to all. Share your sales growth or fall. This way we will all know what the current situation is and whether there is a chance that everything will recover. My sales have dropped
  8. Don't find any help information in this YouTube Chanel . I think its not me do wrong its robo reviewers on this time do lot of mistakes. Some images rejected for incredible reasons and its not only for me
  9. I was try everything and again rejection- invalid model realise. I mark Mature content, attach ID with photo and proof of model age. Not understand how fill it correctly. Thanks for help in advance
  10. I done it, put on release pasport pic and rejection- invalid model release
  11. Hello everyone. Please help. How to fill in Mature content (nudity) correctly. Is this a separate realease? Thanks in advance for the answers
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