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  1. This may be of interest to some of you - the picture-hosting site I threatened to build. You can pull a copy right now and set up your own web page on a hosting site, or you can wait for me to make it a bit more useful. You will even be able to link back to Shutterstock and let them sell the pictures, if you want, but I'm not that far along with development. https://elliott-bignell.medium.com/the-gradual-rise-of-homepix-917b992376b8
  2. Touching faith in a system that everyone understands to be broken.
  3. Houston, we have a solution: https://medium.com/@elliott.bignell/freeing-photos-from-agencies-a7b4b7723910
  4. Hi, Anita. No,I'm no longer on Facebook. You can find me on Twitter and Medium. I thought I could start writing articles on Medium to explain what I am doing. Watch this space... Antonio, my idea is a site like Flickr or 500px, but which everyone could have their own copy of. You could style it yourself if you are skilled in web development, or just copy someone else's if not. You would put your photos up somewhere like SmugMug and my code would let you organise and present then as you like. You could also put them up for sale at a price that suits you. Or you could direct the buyer to Sh
  5. I've mentioned this before but not received that much interest. I have built a photo-server that fetches my pics from SmuMug and serves them up. It's open source and runs on PythonAnywhere or on a RaspberryPi at home, so everyone can pick up their own copy and adapt it at will. There's some work to do yet, but I'd like to get a network together and start sharing between groups of collaborators, making up an independent, peer-to-peer photographers' network with no central manager or owner. All of us together are bigger than any one agency! We could make this THE network for selling stock a
  6. I have also taken my port off sale. 8,500 shots, which were at least good enough to make it through review. Based on the new structure and sales to date, which had DECLINED on average over the two years I built up from zero pictures, I think it exceedingly unlikely that my income would ever return to its value prior to the "restructuring". Not to mention which, this is a matter of self-respect. In many fields, such as my main one of software development, agency fees would be more like 15%, not 85%. I conclude that we are not organised enough.
  7. $0.10 per shot now, eh? Less than $8.00 for May with over 8,500 shots after 2 years hard work. Do you think this counts as theft yet?
  8. Has there ever been any progress on this? I've had a few glitches like the new Gnome interface at home bombing out and leaving my FTP job cut off in the middle, and matching several thousand images on Shutterstock to several tends of thousands of candidate images on my hard drive when the series are cut off in the middle is like undertaking a work of Sisyphus while Indiana Jones is coming the other way with a second rock just behind him. With a straight textual list of the filenames it becomes trivially easy, and it's possible to do almost anything by way of organisation on the command line. I
  9. I had a rejection a little while ago for "intellectual property" reasons, where the subject was a hilltop village in Toscana. I chased it up and the respondent confirmed the decision, sending me a link to the list of sites subject to what I increasingly think of as criminal obstruction of a view. (Being a photographer and not a property-owner for most purposes!) The nearest site to the subject was about 40km away. The reviewer probably just thought all Tuscan churches looked the same. Anyway, I lodged a further complaint and got a reply a couple of weeks later saying that the rejection was in
  10. I just made the mistake of submitting pictures of Oerlikon market with an editorial caption but not marked as "editorial use only". The usual rejection, but it seems so useless: A waste of work on both sides, when an automated script could have picked it up and corrected within nanoseconds. Rather more irritating are the restrictions on "non-English text" and special characters. The "special" characters in question are on every keyboard in many countries, such as with Swiss German keyboards (mine). Worse, the correct transliteration ("Z├╝rich" to "Zuerich", for instance) often also trigger
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