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  1. Volume was quite down this month but saving grace were two decent sods ($57 and $20). Without them would have been worst month both in terms of downloads and $.
  2. To op - what I see is that you try to write a story around the photo in question, instead of describing factually what is visible.
  3. i did. this years 1099m has blanks for payees TIN, unlike last years apparently
  4. Yeah normally it goes through without payees TIN, but for some reason this time around tax software kept complaining about empty EIN/TIN field
  5. It's weird i couldnt find this info anywhere on shutterstock itself, but apparently it is listed in some sec filings. For anyone who cares - it seems to be: EIN # 80-0812659 https://sec.report/Ticker/SSTK
  6. Does anyone know what is the shutterstocks TIN/EIN number for tax purposes? 1099-misc does not list it for me, yet turbotax seems to want to have me specify it for ss.
  7. On average generic ports tend to sell between 2 and 5% of total images per month. Its not obviously any sort of guarantee and can vary greatly based on actual content that you have.
  8. For what it's worth - I've looked through your images port, and majority of it is repetitions of same subjects; you probably have about 15-25 unique subjects (unique to your portfolio) from 455 photos right now. Most of subjects are very common (beads, cacti, plants in pots), there are thousands of those in the database already. It will be very hard for you to compete with such images. On average, people here tend to sell about 4% of their port per month (some much more, some much less). With 25 unique subjects that's about 1 per month for you. Composition on many shots is not that great. You do have some nice shots, i like this one: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/stone-jewellery-lots-different-stones-colorful-1344537014?src=pYeCMJhDrX9KM_Buug7-0w-1-12 But having said that, this image (along with others) is lacking keywords and description. If buyers cannot find your photo, they wont be able to buy it. Good luck.
  9. Yup as others I've had number of 25c SODs in past months.
  10. Reached total of 700 images sold, minor milestone.
  11. DT has like 120 categories and it's a pain to navigate; i hardly find adding more categories that useful. Plus whatever drone captures probably already falls under pre-existing category
  12. Yep we should; my point was that any accountant should be fine with just final tally of revenue for 2018 for tax filing purposes. Having 1099 is best of course, but not absolutely critical.
  13. Not really; at best, there are shots for which i can see multiple potential applications/usages and those tend to have higher chances of selling, but not a guarantee.
  14. nope, but i would think total 2018 revenue should be sufficient for tax filing purposes; its not like 1099 will contain much more than that (unless of course on some of your sales taxes were withheld and on some they werent).
  15. Overall about an average month for me in downloads. 82 downloads so far; typically about 110 for whole month. $ wise its so far best month due to 2 large purchases in early days of January.
  16. This is not meant to discourage, but rather give you realistic view. Based on number of data points gathered in other threads, average portfolios tend to sell around 2-4% of total images per month. This is no guarantee and individual results will vary a lot based on subject, commercial value, uniqueness and many other factors; some make a lot with very small port, some make very little with huge ports. Never the less, this can help you estimate and judge where you are relative to a generic average port. So with 26 photos your baseline number would be 1 sale (assume 25c) every 3-4 months. Given all the valid feedback others have provided, the quality of your port is at this point not that great even for average number, which means your sales will probably be worse than anticipated above.
  17. As a hypothetical chance, that can happen yes, but similar logic could be applied to other editorial shots of people or objects, not necessarily right next to the shelter. Person fleeing gang violence can end up on someones street photo shot giving hints to where they are; photo of a house could be used by someone to plan a breakin; photo of a car can be used for theft. It's a trade-off between freedom vs privacy vs security vs risk and its hard to strike the balance at times. To me the difference is whether one is knowingly and intentionally putting someone else at risk. The best we can do is to try to not harm others while enjoying our hobby/jobs/professions; at the same time I do believe we have to stand for our rights as well (not always, but frequently), else otherwise everything can be taken away in the name of someone elses hypothetical well being. No easy generic answer; just have to make a decision on case by case basis and live with whatever consequences of our decisions.
  18. People sometimes forget that just because something is legal it doesn't mean one should be doing it. On the other hand accidentally snapping random persons image as they walk by the shelter poses rather small additional risk; in some countries almost every car has a video recorder, so such person would appear recorded on them as well.
  19. When it comes to anything dealing with image processing/analysis Adobe (and by extension AS) has much better tech and slew of patents to deal with stuff like this. I wouldn't be surprised if Adobe had proprietary methods of fast image comparisons not available to anyone else. And just doing quick search it does happen elsewhere, it's just their forums are so horrible (and some agencies don't even let you post anything negative) that it barely gets noticed. Examples from first search on google: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2564990 https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2342100 Not defending SS, but naturally being #1 stock site would attract most thieves as well.
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